Oviedo, Florida

Rude service just bad attitude bad stare. I go to walmart alafaya trail in oviedo fl.

I avoid the nights now because this horrible fat dumb female creature works there And now thinks she can treat me badly. Literally I drive an extra ten miles to deal with normal humans who have some manners because this ugly fat freak is just soo rude to me. She has curlyish brown hair fat dumb. Recently I HAD...

to go to this one and of course the only cashier was this fat ugly wench.people in orlando are the lowest class and rudest ever and this clown is no exception-- just rude to me for no reason giving me dirty looks bad attitude- she makes me so sick i avoid her completely because it literally makes me physically ill to dael with such a negative *** person.

i hope to spit on her ugly self next time... why are there so many rude pitiful losers that work at wal-mart...get a decent person to work the night shift walmart or start hiring normal people

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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First B

I hope this person is trolling. Posting hateful derogatory comments just for attention.

@First B

Trolling is one thing but being an inconsiderate *** who makes fun of the disabled is another.


I dont know what you look like, op, but i can tell you are much uglier than the cashier, on the inside. Stop being rude and judging people based on their looks/weight and maybe people will treat you better.


Apparently you weren't taught any manners when you were a little kid. You don't have any right to make derogatory comments about anybody or anything, until you learn how to use proper grammar, spell and punctuate correctly.

Even if you learn how to do that criticism can be done without derogatory comments. There is a possibility that you get treated the way you act.


I was taught manner I was just describing the way the cashier looked. She is fat, she is a freak,(her face looks funny considering she has down syndrome,) They need to hire a normal person instead of a disabled freak. She needs to work in the back so customers don't have to have the disatisfication of looking at her crippled face.


You are a terrible person.How dare you cut down a disabled person with down syndrome.Maybe you were taught manners but you sure do not know how to use them.I can certainly tell that you are not normal in any way of that word.You were more than likely a bully in high school.To bad you have not matured past the grade school level.Some day you or someone you know might become disabled.Karma has a way of coming back to you.


You are such a terrible person. I think your mother should have aborted you before you were born and saved us all the displeasure of having you around.