Orlando, Florida

Seriously walmart has probably the worst customer service to exist ever. The people that work there are ugly filthy losers rejects and ugly fat hippos who r rude with no customer service ability. Everytime I go to Walmart the cashier is nasty. Thank god during the day they have self check out so u can avoid these ugly rude filthy losers but at night ur forced to deal with them and their bad attitudes.

I went to a walmart on alafaya trail in oviedo fl. Neighborhood market. The fat ugly spic female cashier didn't greet me nothing. Just rude filthy cows that work there. Isn't part of these uneducated cows job to greet people at all? The ugly female did it on purpose as she has no manners and needs to be spat on.

Then I went to another one on alafaya and curry ford and a very very fat ugly white female who is a cow ugly with acne also didn't greet me at all or say have a nice day. She basically ignored my presence and rudely went thru the motion of scanning my objects and even rudely talked to another customer while helping me still saying nothing to me. Huh? Filthy uneducated psycho *** works at walmart always. Seriously where do such rude dumb fat and ugly people even come from? Probably born and bred in redneck Orlando. It's very rude when a worthless ugly cashier decides they want to mistreat a customer when the cashier is some ugly fat cow working at walmart like the loser she is. Really about 5 percent of the idiots that work at walmart are remotely

Decent people

The rest are hideous ugly I'll mannered garbage that need to be spat on. Walmart sucks. Always. Thank god

For self checkout. We shouldn't be forced to have to interact with the rude PIece of *** psychos that they hire as cashiers or workers there.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I used to work at Wal-Mart (NY) and I was very polite to each and every one of my customers. I personally feel name calling and using racial slurs is unnecessary and extremely excessive.

One must understand that Wal-Mart workers are under paid and over worked, but that does not mean to take out of of their frustration out on the clients. Just bring it up to corporate.


The same thing goes on at Wallyworld in Elk City, Oklahoma. Miserable female workers there seem to go out of their way to try to make customers lives as miserable as their own. I think wallmart breeds and clones them in a secret underground laboratory.


Find son where else to shop then


What the heck is a spif?


Sorry I mean spic.


HA HA HA this review is hilarious!


GEEZ! Maybe you folks that post your comments on here really should learn how to spell and stop insulting the people who work at Wal-mart.


I work at Walmart and I'm educated and very good looking and friendly. Don't judge all Walmart employees unless you've been to all the stores. Find another store to shop in if you're that unhappy and miserable.


It has nothing to do with Walmart. It's a FLORIDuh problem, and since you live there, you just described yourself.




lol, don't you know that Walmart has hiring guidelines and being fat, ugly and rude are requirements to being hired?!