Fridley, Minnesota

9am on a Saturday morning store was quiet. There was 1 person in the 20 items or less aisle so we had about 30 things.

Betty the regular cashier always lets us come in because she prefers to be busy. So she wasn't there. We went in anyways. The cashier looked at the person she was waiting on and says, “I usually tell people with over 20 items they need to go to another checkout but these people are special.

Betty always lets them check out here.” She reached over and said something to the gentleman and whispered it to him. I told her I could take my business elsewhere and she said, “See when I say something that’s what I hear.” WALMART GO TO ***!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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You should let us all know next time your in the store so that we can part-the-isles to let you through!

Perhaps, parking next to the doors would also be beneficial to you. Go ahead, I'm sure they'll let you. After all, you so much better than the rest of us.


It's people like you who ruin express checkout for everyone else who is able to count and follow the rules. Get off your entitled high horse and please stay away from retail stores.


Oh the cashier was rude to me, she won't let me break the rules. Get over it you entitled ***, the cashier was not rude to you, you were the rude one by ignoring then sign.

With her attitude and the way she posted this review I wonder is she is eight years old. You must think you are special by not having to follow the rules like everyone else, that is why she made the comment.


Is this a troll? If not well you really should follow what the sign says.

The 20 or less lane is there to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

It's similar to the fast/passing lane when DRIVING. It's also considered very rude to jump in that fast check out when you clearly will not be checking out fast.


I agree with the previous comment and there is another way to look at it. I can see going through the 20 items or less lane if you have two or three more items, but when it comes to 10 more items that is just plain ridiculous.


Her comments were not appropriate. She should have addressed you directly and told you she could not check you out, as you exceeded the limit.

But, you also were in the wrong. Why did you get in the 20 items or less line, when you had way more?

Did you know that people like you cause the express lane cashiers to get told off and cussed at by the angry customers in line behind people like you? Customers who know how to read the sign don't appreciate people like thinking you can do whatever the heck you want.


This person is obviously an adult they expect her to know how to read and count. How is it the cashier's fault this person forgot how to read and count at this exact moment?


It's sad, and not at all right, but people will often get angry at the cashier for ALLOWING the misbehaving customers to go through the express lane when they have way more items than they should.


Sounds like they hava a great employee in Betty!! But for all the other employees to keep at Bettys standards is way to much for them.

Does walmart really want a Betty to make the customers happy or are they completely fine with attitude girl. (walmart could care less about you they simply want your money anyway they can get it.

the girl that was rude know that she will get paid whether you are happy or sad (mad).