Havelock, North Carolina
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Lady at register 9 name was something close to Melba. The whole time she was checking us out she rolled her eyes and told us what we could and couldn't buy.

Should not be workin around people!! lady needs a little more respect and remember what hospitality really is. Worst experience I have ever had. If possible this lady needs to have a sit down and talking to about manners and being polite.

Paying a little bit of attention to what's going on would do a little good as well!

Thank you for reading this and hopefully taking the time to correct this problem. Thank you again and hope to go back with better attitude next time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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First Born Triplet

Okay look you are too young to buy *** films okay she was just doing her job end of story goodbye, next time get your *** from the internet like the rest of us who is underaged.

@First Born Triplet

What he says, or go to the barber shop. Or go to a 7/11 and look at the top shelf of the magazines. Playboy gives a good hit.


expect nothing when going to walmart expect them to know nothing, expect to spend lots of time in a line waiting for a cashier that doesnt want to be working to attempt to ring up your items. expect nothing customer service a thing of the PAST.


We're you underage trying to buy age restricted items? If that is the case then she is required to tell you what you can't buy. Seems to me you left out some details.


What you mean by she told you what you could and could not buy?

Like she went through your items and picked the ones she wanted to ring up?

Walmart is a super greedy corporation....they would not like that at all.

Did you ask for a supervisor?