I was in the lawn & garden dept at Walmart on S. Broadway in Tyler, Tx.

I asked the cashier to hold the Weedeater trimmer I wanted to purchase. She very rudely told me to put it by the checkout counter. I went back for it after purchasing other items in the store. No one was checking out but me, and the cashier told me to turn the tall, heavy, large box so she could see the upc code to scan & then she told me I needed to pick the box up so she could scan it.

She made no attempt to bring her scanner around to scan but was very commanding to me. I told her I didn't work at Walmart. I am 62 years old & I had to stop 3x on the way to my car -- this cashier made no attempt to assist in any way.

She was extremely rude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #157065

A cashier's not supposed to do carryouts. Stop using your age to score pity points. Maybe if you were not such an old grump you would have family willing to help you out.


BIG DEAL!!Who cares?


Yeah that's lazy. She should have helped you. It's her job.

Unionville, Virginia, United States #24473

I agree with you about this cashier. That was really rude of her to do that to you. But you will run into a rude cashier sometimes and not only at walmart.

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