Orlando, Florida

i have a problem with the mean nasty no mannered rude people you find everywhere in Orlando...particularly at Wal-Mart. I go to a neighborhood market walmart on alafaya trail near ucf in Orlando - I usually go at night and at night you have to deal with the rude cashiers there...whoever is there. lately there has been a fat trollup female who for some reason has decided she doesn't want to greet or say anything to me- which is just rude. its her job as a cashier to GREET people not just stare at them and ignore them. ive noticed she will talk to other customers and be very friendly but the minute I get there now she will not say a word to me and just stares at me rudely..sorry b* but a job as a cashier is to at least say hi or say the price..but standing there and saying nothing to a customer is just really rude and disrespectful. of course she does it intentionally because she is a fat ugly whale who is a loser in Orlando--there are many who are jealous and have to disrespect others. they also have no manners and are just the rudest lowest class *** to exist.

ive worked as a cashier before and I treated every single person with respect as I do with anything. I would NEVER just ignore someone and never greet them or even say the price- but this fat whale feels she can do this now because maybe it gives her ugly self a sense of power to be rude to others? there are so many nasty negative people like this in the world...who spread negativity rather than positivity...shame on trash like this and in Orlando its the wrost- the people around esp walmart cashiers like this can be so rude for no reason. it seems she sees that im happy and waiting to be greeted and she purposely refuses to do it...while she greets others happily and puts on a cheerful attitude..really nice fat thing- to be rude to someone for no reason..do u think u have power because you're rude to someone? you're ugly fat and weird...you have no power loser..also its odd how ugly fat dumb people are so arrogant and lack manners and even pick on good looking people because they are insecure and ***...you fin da lot of that in Orlando too--ugly dumb fat arrogant losers and mean people..all you find in Orlando esp are ugly fat arrogant people who laugh at others...low class trash basically...yet if you have manners and class then people think they can disrespect you...someone needs to teach this weird troll a lesson in how to treat customers and people and not let her think she can disrespect people just because she has a way to do it...part of your job fat dumb whale is to say hi to customers or say a price...Orlando is the only place ive ever been to where there are people so low and trashy they will do things like this...retrain the cashier trash you hire Wal-Mart...there are plenty of unemployed people out there who need jobs...stop employing garbage and even the stock people are courteous and friendlier than some of the garbage rude disgusting people they hire as cashiers... in fact if you go to the slums of new York you can find friendlier people than the nasty suburbs of Oviedo Orlando and Wal-Mart where the rude people are just the fakest most arrogant people to exist.. and the lowest class--they are usually ugly dumb in low positions and rude on top of that....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Did something happen between you two to cause her to be like this? In my experience, there's one customer I actually feel intimated by to the point where I feel just talking to him might worsen the relationship.

I'm not saying you are wrong for complaining.

You have every right to. I just want to provide perspective whether my perspective is right or wrong.


Looks like I stumbled onto the set of Jerry Springer.... :upset :eek :upset :upset


eEntitled *** enough said!


You want people to be nice to you here is some advice. STOP BEING A SNOBBY ***.

It does not matter if someone is from Alabama, Canada, England or Orlando if you are going to be a *** you will get poor service. You are by far the rudest person on this website. You even give Kevin Richards(not to be mistaken with the British Kevin) a run for his money, then again like triplet said you could be trolling someone elses review, and maybe you are Kevin Richards. Would not be surprised, even though some of your insults to other users are funny that is his style.

Anyways this message is for the OP, you want people to respect you stop thinking you are better than everyone else.

Stop being a rude ***, that can easily solve your problem. You treat others with respect they will do the same.


Well anonymous from Orlando Florida, USA you sound like a "charming" person yourself. Why is it okay for you to attack and belittle other people and not okay for them to belittle you.

I can see why the cashier does not want to say hi to you or have anything to do with you. Seriously attacking other people and calling every poster every name in the book, you must be a barrow of laughs at a party.(that is if anyone invites you to parties in the first place). How do you do it, huh, how do you get up at the wrong side of the bed every morning and be in a pissy mood every day?

Is it just your personality or are you doing it for attention. Or is it that time of the month and you are normal for the other 21 days of the month?

@kevin from london england

She would explain but I don't think you would get it you Limey T.W.A.T.Your Just like that *** LouCunt69

First Born Triplet

Wait a minute, you are not the person that posted this review, you are just trolling someone else review?

First Born Triplet

Well if you call the cashier a fat trollup in this review, your attitude towards her is probably not that good, so why would she want to talk to you in the first place? You call Lou a hypocrite but yourself are one.

Looking at your letter and the fact the greets other people I can tell it is your attitude. Also don't call people dumb when you cannot even begin a sentence, or a proper noun with a capital letter. I don't think you are a very happy person, you seem to have anger issues. Honestly you sound just as rude, perhaps ruder than you are making her seem.

You also sound like a three year old throwing a temper tantrum because you did not get your way.

I don't think it is the people of Orlando who have rudeness issues but you who does. Try treating her and the other "rude" people nicely and they may just be nice back to you.

@First Born Triplet

what the *** are you talking about ? my response was to the loser not to you are the the poser.And look at your g.a.y friend and what he always says about people on this site just read what this loser says as you go around .you don't have to look the T.W.A.T. is always there criticizing people like he is an authority on everything.He's a fat loser with to much time on his hands.

First Born Triplet

Yeah his response was rude, but yours was twice as rude as Lou's. He has negative things to say about people, and you have the same attitude, maybe you should meet up and get married so you can insult each other until the cows come home.

Now let's get to the problem about why the cashier won't greet you, she is probably afraid if she said something to you you would call her a loser or tell her to fudge off. The same with all the other rude people in Orlando.

I have been to Orlando and have not experienced everyone being rude, so perhaps the problem is you. Perhaps you would move to Antarctica where there are less people for you to be rude to.

@First Born Triplet

Is that why your in Markham, Ontario ?

as far away from people as possible,you Canadian As holes we can do without.You self righteous *** nobody can stand.


You really are in my fan club aren't you anonymous? You still haven't answered any of my questions, and frankly at this point you've shown your true colors!

So let me show mine... Do you know where my ID comes from???

Get a look at your mom when she's naked, shouldn't be hard to do as she probably got some random guy dumping a load in her right now!

Maybe someday they will find your real father?

@First Born Triplet

First Born Triplet

Get your thumb out of your a.s.s. you sissy.



You are without any question the biggest Looser this site has ever seen.You are the biggest coward setting behind your keyboard. I would love to knock your teeth(if you have any) down your throat.For you to call anyone rude and nasty is the begin all to end all of a hypocrite.You are the *** of the earth.


Oh boy another tough guy! And another stalker!

But you fail to address my comments! How are you doing spreading positivity right now?

I've never made any comment like that! So why don't you tell everyone how positive you are, rather than telling everyone how s.tupid they are!

Let's hear it tough guy!



how could anyone stalk you,a little paranoid are you?Then again all the *** you give people like anyone wants to read what you think.Your just a loser that can't take it.Besides how did you pop back up.I thought I flushed already.Don't bother spewing your no life *** at me .I'm done and wont be checking back.Your a real no life piece of C.R.A.P.


You really are a f.ucking loser.. You're complaint is, you want the minimum wage employee to say hi to you?

You must be low on self esteem if you get bent out of shape because the red carpet wasn't rolled out for you!

Then your comment about rude and nasty people even though all you've done is be rude and nasty.. I hope you get hit by a car!


Bill,Your mama is probably a f------ Monkey.You piece of white S---.


First of all the cashiers do not have to hold you a conversation.When i enter a Walmart or Any other store i do not really care if the cashier holds a conversation with me or Not i am there for one reason only to shop and Get the *** out of there.What do you want everyone to do kiss your *** to shop there?Please get a life and Find something else to do with your time.People amaze me when they feel like someone else is jealous of them.*** she probably does not want to hold you a conversation because you are the one with the ugly attitude.Silly *** ***.Know one owe's you a dam thing in life.Want to be Pretty *** ***.