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I shop at this walmart in houston at Westheimer and duvale and the prices are not right for merchandise and they give you a hassle when you want to show them the error. I bought at trash can it said 49.97 on the tag and the tag next to it, so clearly i thought the trash can was that price and they had alot of trash cans, So I bring it to the atttention of the cashier because it rang up 70.00 plus tax and she refused to change it and called CSM and she did the same thing and was very rude. Never Shop this store again. She rolled her eyes and said well we don't have control of the prices and said we will do it for you this time after I had requested to speak to manager.

She told me then you need to read the description of the tag next time. The tag description is like 3 times smaller than the price number. How in the *** can anyone see that ***. I told her that I would return the other items that I just bought and if Wal-mart wants to lose a sale because you didn't want to ajust the price. She said yeah you can return it if you want. Basically that she didn't care.

Very poor customer service in that store. I hope other people complain on them. I would have made a big deal about it if I knew I was wrong but they have all the trash cans on two shelves and they are just cramed their so how can you tell whats what. I seen the price under neath where it was placed and the next on to it said same price so I don't believe I was wrong.

This store really needs people that want to be their and care about their job. They are rude and not helpful and have nasty attitudes. They need to screen the people better they hire, it seems like they just hire anybody of the street to work there. What as shame that Wal-Mart has came to this.

I'd rather shop at Super Target. I HATE WAL-MART.

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how the *** you have a 70 dollar trash can LMFAOOOOO


Sorry but I would have gave it to you for that price.. ($49.97) especially if they were all in the same price point