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I am so disgusted at the quality of employees at my local Stuttgart, AR Walmart supercenter in the last couple of years.

This afternoon, I came in to make 2 purchases. The first one was 2 items my mother asked me to pick up and bring to her, and the rest was a shopping cart partially full of my groceries. On the first transaction, I handed the cashier 4 dollars and I was going to pay the rest on my bank card. She typed in .40 cents and said "Oops." I was smiling because I worked there for 5 years and I understood, but before I could say anything, she put her hand up in my face and said, "I know how to count, I got this. Thank you." Naturally, the smile left my face and I could not stop myself. I said, "You're welcome," and after I saw that she had corrected the currency, I slid my bank card. She then started in with "No, no I'm not. Hold on, let me make..." and she stopped talking. I asked her if I needed to push cancel and try my card again, and she said, "You can't read my mind."

OBVIOUSLY, I can't...that's why I was going by what she said. I told her, "You said hold on, so I wanted to make sure everything was fine before I entered my card in." Then she said, "You don't have to answer everything I say."

That's when I started to take my groceries off the conveyer belt and put them back in the buggy. I told her I didn't want to give any more of my money to her, and the only reason I would be completing that transaction was because it wasn't for me. She then smiled and said, "Oh, you don't want it? I'll take your buggy then."

I asked her for my receipt, which had printed, and she told me I was going to have to wait until she handed it to me.

I really don't appreciate that sort of behavior. When I was a CSM, I wouldn't have tolerated it. I called and spoke to management, and thankfully for me, I still have a few friends that worked there when I did that are going to make sure this gets handled and the tape where she put her hand in my face reviewed.

If it weren't for the few associates that are still there from when I worked there, I wouldn't go back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I have a feeling that you and her never got along when you held the job there, perhaps she was the reason you got fired because she did the correct thing and reported you when you were breaking rules.


that cashier was being a SMART A.S.S i am a walmart cashier and i treat my customers nicely and scan their items very fast. i do remember one of my coworkers being like this except she talk about her sex life out loud which was horrible .i am not surprise she was fired.


Both the cashier and the child buying things for the mother were being smart *** but we can excuse the OP's behavior mommy was not there to correct the child, but the cashier if she is old enough to work she should work better, besides who says we are getting the whole truth, we are only getting one side of the story. I am surprised the cashier did not get fired as well.

When she found out a child was using the credit card she should have automatically called security because clearly the person useing the bank card is not old enough to have one. I bet you want your co worker fired because your sex life is not as good as hers.


Well maybe your mother should have been with you to keep you from talking back to an adult. To correct your disprespectful behavior.

My belieg is this cashier reported you for something and you got fired so now you are trying to get her fired. Would not surprise me from a bully like you.


Some customers are so rude! Get a life and quit taking it out on other people. If you cannot afford to shop and be nice stay at home!


My mother wasn't with me. I was picking things up to take to her.

My friends came TO ME about this because they take pride in their job and were upset by what they saw happen... I didn't have to ask them.

If that makes me a bully, so be it.


Your mom should have been with you, you were misbehaving and someone needed to make sure you were not misbehaving.


Okay your mother was with you when you were shopping, why did she not correct your behavior? When a child such as yourself is disrespectful a parent should say something.

You are a bully and are using your friends to get this person in trouble. Hopefully Krama hits you in the butt.