Beaumont, Texas

I checked out with a rude lady at the Silsbee Walmart today in the express lane about 1:00...I had 3 coupons for catfood individuals...She stood there and read the coupon 10 times...It was 1$ off 4 cans..How easy is that??? She said are these individual cans??I said well yes and asked her if they rang up as individual cans and she was like well yea i was just making sure you didnt open a box...Well duh think about it...It has a barcode on it!!!!

Silsbee Walmart is Horrible!!! They need some serious re training on customer service!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Coupon.

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another entitled ***


I was looking in shoes section yesterday an and Oriental lady yells across the boy section near the shoes and says" Can I help you?" I told her "No." she goes on and tells me I am not suppose to look at the shoes on that aisle? WHAT??

it was an aisle there it's not like I went in the back of the store and found some shoes. She was rude!!


Sounds like the cashier was not rude, just *** and you need to get over it. Everyone needs a job yo.


I hope you have a horrible accident that leaves you metaly and physically hanicapped for the rest of your life.

You are a *** disgusting excuse for a human.


You Sound like this one person who posted horrible stuff about the disabled. People like you should be locked up and away from society and I agree with the other people on here give them your address so they can send some one to lock you away until you learn some compassion and patience!


There are some people who just need to be locked up, never seen or heard by polite society!

So, can you give me your address, so I can send somebody to lock you up? Because I don't see why decent people like me have to deal with *** like you. I shouldn't have to spend any minutes of my day exposed to people like you!

And, um, considering that you're the only person here who's holding that opinion... You're kind of the one "not thinking like a normal person". :|


Here's a crazy idea. Why don't YOU shop somewhere else and let the cashier do her job in peace?


You are the worst example I have EVER seen of a human being. Intolerance is one thing, but then to come on a site like this and complain and actually think people are going to support you?!

Everyone is right, it is NOT a choice to be that way. They are a member of society just like you are, granted a more upstanding one that you have proven yourself to be.

I hope one day you come across something hard, something you have to think an extra 2 seconds about. I hope someone exactly like you is waiting there to be pissed off; to humiliate the heck out of you, and leave you feeling the worst.

Then maybe you'll change how you look at the world. Thank god there aren't too many people like you, or else as a human race, we'd be screwed.


I work as a caregiver at a group home for adults who have mental retardation/developmental disabilities. What you say is not only offensive, but it shows just how lacking in compassion or perspective you are, because I see on a daily basis what these people go through.

Consider this: Some people become mentally handicapped not because of something from birth, but because of an accident later in life (such as a car accident) that leaves permanent brain damage. Do you even have any living relatives or friends? Anyone at all who you actually care about and love, and who feel the same love towards you in return? Imagine if one of them was involved in such an accident and was mentally handicapped the rest of his/her life. Would you suddenly feel that this person in whom you had invested years of bonding, years of love and friendship, should just suddenly be cast off and put away out of sight and out of mind? Would you want friends and family to treat YOU that way if YOU were ever involved in an accident that left you mentally handicapped?

Where does this hatred and ignorance come from? Are you really so lacking in perspective that you want to segregate an entire people simply because somebody took a moment or two longer to comprehend words written on a piece of paper? Is saving an extra dollar on four cans of cat food really worth discriminating against another living, feeling human being? A DOLLAR?!?! You'd have somebody fired not because you didn't get your dollar off--but because it took just a bit longer than you would have liked? REALLY?!

Do you ever stop to consider all the people who have it worse off than you? Not just mentally handicapped people, but people in third world nations, people living in poverty, under oppression, the infirm or terminally ill. Do you ever consider all the problems of the world as a whole? Dramatic natural disasters, economic recessions or hyperinflation, political and religious dichotomies, wars, famine, plagues...and you're telling me that this issue here is the one you feel is so drastically important that you want to invest your time and energy to complain about?

Convince us, since you're so sure of yourself. Convince us how exactly your perspective of removing the mentally handicapped from sight actually helps progress the world further. How exactly does discrimination and segregation improve harmony throughout the world? How does it advance the human condition? Does it give us a better chance of making advancements in science or medicine? Does it make us more compassionate and caring? What virtue is exalted, pray tell, by your endorsed practice of bigotry?

Or maybe, just maybe, you should reconsider your own position, and realize that just because someone's cognitive abilities differ from yours does not make them less human or indeed any less deserving of the same amount of respect, compassion, and dignity you would want shown to you. Maybe you could be better focusing your time and energy addressing a problem that actually matters to the world, instead of whining about how much time someone took to read a coupon, and then complaining further about them being handicapped.

You know who else is handicapped? Stephen Hawking. And I'm willing to bet he's done a heck of a lot more to advance humanity than you ever have.


Here's a crazy idea. Why don't YOU shop somewhere else and let the cashier do her job in peace?


The only rude person in here is YOU. You are not in the right.

The cashier was doing her job, to ensure she is doing it correctly. We are all born differently. And being born with a birth defect, is not a choice.

You have the choice to be a *** or not. But you granted yourself to be the most ignorant of them all.


Im actually concerned for the state of your humanity. Do you realize its a living,breathing person you are talking about?


You do realise how ignorant you are? You want to talk about "not being able to think like a normal person", well take a good look at yourself. A normal person would not make such crude, cruel comments about a person simply because you had to wait *GASP* for a few more minutes...learn some patience and some tolerance for chrissake.


I actually think you must be handicapped for even saying they should put her where she cannot be seen. In my opinion, she is entitled to more sunlight than you are.

If you are rude about people that are differently able, you better be prepared for people that have morals to stand up to you


I can't believe I just read that last comment. YOU should be locked up for even writing that.

Are you sure you aren't developmentally delayed or challenged for your discriminatory views. What a let down for society you are


Wow.. that has got to be the most ignorant comment I have ever seen!

'Retarded' as you call it is NOT an option. That is like saying don't hire black people, old people, or women.

It's called discrimination and it's illegal. You must have cats instead of friends.


Actually, most cans that are pre-packaged come with barcodes on them as well. Granted they tend to not be in the system but, really, considering cashiers are often reprimanded and even fired for accepting coupons that they shouldn't, I can't blame the girl for wanting to make absolutely sure the items were the right ones.