I stop by store 00805 Gravois Bluff Fenton Mo 630** *-* times a week on my way home from work. The only check out lanes open at 1100pm to 0700 am are self check out so I have the the person sitting on a stool in self check out help me and every time I get rude and unfriendly behavior from the employee.

Tonight it was Andrew who I ask to check me out, Andrew at the time was watching a VIDEO on his I phone was very rude to help me. I never get a hello kiss my *** or thank you after they have checked me out and most of the time they will not even bag my things. Two nights ago at 1130pm a crabby old lady, I think her name is Ester, who is there most of the time only had one person in self check out and refused to check me out. She stated she had to watch for people stealing.

I only had 4 items and she only had 1 person to watch only feet away from where she had to check my out from. She is always rude and very unfriendly. Why is this the only Walmart in our area with no checkers to help people.

POOR MANAGEMENT? I never have more than 10 items I just don't get it.

Location: Fenton, Missouri

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It’s self check out. They are not your personal slaves and they don’t have to help you at all.

Quit being entitled and actually check yourself out and bag your own things. It’s called self check out for a reason.


Why is it that you can't check your own items out? The people watching the self check out registers are there to help if a problem comes up, not to ring all your items up. Shop somewhere else if you don't want to check your own order out.

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