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Walmart is too BIG to care about their customers

I had returned three items which had been paid with two gift cards and the balance with my Discover card. I went to the Pottstown, PA store for a refund or exchange.

The customer service line was overflowing into the store and after 10 minutes of waiting I realized that it wasn't moving. I have a handicap and cannot stand for long periods of time and there were no benches. I asked the first Walmart employee if she could open another register. She told me that they were shorthanded, but shortly another cashier appeared.

It took another 10 minutes and the line was still not moving. A young man came over and I said it would be awfully nice if they had benches, and he barked at me that they were having problems with opening the register. I brushed off his rudeness.

After over half an hour, I finally was at the register and explained why I was returning the items. The cashier told me that since two gift cards had been used I would receive my credit through a gift card.

I had spent more on my credit card and I wanted the card to be credited appropriately. I had never heard of anything so absurd and became upset. The young man who had barked at me came over and YELLED at me that I had been a problem since I entered the store. I was shocked at his behavior, so I told him to give me the credit and I would dispute the charge on my Discover card.

He continued to yell at me.

I realized as I was leaving that I had not been given my return receipt. They had given me a slip which meant nothing to me. I asked the cashier why she hadn't called me back, and she told me, with the barking and yelling young man standing by, that she wasn't going to give anything to someone so nasty. I had not been the nasty one.

Interestingly, there are other stores in the area that know how egregious management is at this Walmart.

At Ollie's I purchased what I would have at Walmart. As I left Ollie's, I told the cashier that the people at Walmart were extremely crude, and she told me that she was well aware of it and the other cashier expressed her agreement.

I called Walmart Corporate five times trying to have my return refunded appropriately. Two of the five times I was told that Walmart policy was to reimburse according to type of payment--in other words I was correct. I was told that the store manager would call me back.

He never called. I was then told that the marketing manager would call me. At the fifth call I learned that no one would be calling to resolve this matter.

I don't usually shop at Walmart because I buy much more online where I always find better prices. I have also had experiences were a price rang up higher than the items were advertised.

This too seems to be a pattern.

I will dispute charges to my Discover for this purchase. I want Walmart to step up and do the right thing.

User's recommendation: Does it seem that Walmart has become more fascist?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $188.

Preferred solution: Solution was mentioned in my complaint.

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You should always carry around some dog repellent spray in your purse with you to spray at dogs that are rudely barking at you. I would have slapped that dude silly and I would have kicked him in the nuts and sprayed right in the face with that dog repellent spray. And then walked cool, calm and collected out to my car and drove away.

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