Oviedo, Florida

these stockers at night at Wal-Mart...most of these lunatics need ot be in jail--they are evil abusive sick twisted people...many times I have been to Wal-Mart at night- and these horrible stock associates...mostly MALES of course, the minute I walk by- they will do something really LOUD at me aggressive abrasive...abusive. they'll suddenly SLAM something really loud...yes of course they are doing it on purpose---theyre crazy or sick people- im female and attractive and it seems to be a thing with the crazy males in Orlando seriously- ive been to walmarts in other places and its just not as bad as in the awful *** city of Orlando.

well recently...I went to the Wal-Mart neighborhood market on alafaya trail in Oviedo near mcculloch rd. tonight was just a BAD customer service night in Orlando as I went to another walmart and dealt with nasty trash associates too--Wal-Mart seriously has the worst human beings working for this crazy worthless company....so I walked into the place and near the toilet paper aisle, there was an ugly weird younger male wearing glasses...he was near a large step ladder...and of course I already could feel he was going to do something to me...as many do not all but many. as I walked by his 'stepladder' he decides to suddenly MOVE IT the minute I walk by---that's ok however moving it is VERY VERY LOUD...so loud it not only pierces your ears but injures you and HURTS them so badly and your head...so this ugly fagit male (probably abusing me b/c im a pretty female and he feels he cant get me so he has to abuse me for fun no joke this is how the crazies in Orlando think)...decides to MOVE the step ladder the INSTANT im walking by-- of course he does it on purpose I can feel him getting satisfaction and later I saw him smirking..i couldn't do anything of course and the noise was not only unbearably loud but as a result I was so dizzy I dropped the items I was carrying...oh yes these sadists that work at walmart purposely INJURE FEMALE CUSTOMERS WALKING BY...crazy sick f*ckers... I don't care if they physically aren't hurting anyone they are still INJURING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING AND THIS SHOULJD BE A LIABILITY...

I saw him sitting up there and he was kind of smirking like happy he got to torture me for fun...I was a wreck and all upset...oh yeah at walmart you cant even walk THROUGH THE AISLES at night because the evil crazy stock males will try to kill or hurt you...not kill but def hurt and that is not only abuse it SHOULD be considered assault because it was done intentionally and with intent to hurt in some form....it may not seem like a big deal but my head is STILL HURTING FROM IT AND I AM DIZZY AND CANT EVEN THINK STRAIGHT...no HUMAN deserves to be ABUSED just for going through a *** aisle at the *** store of WAL-MART...this is crazy and not right...my head is in severe pain and I can barely think straight...all for just going to Wal-Mart and needing toilet paper?? you have to be careful walking near these maniacs and animals that work there the evil psycho stock associates- because they are around expensive machines or large equipment and they see a female and think...ok let's do something crazy to abuse her! no joke this is WHAT THESE JERKS DO...I know because being an attractive female, this happens to me ALL THE TIME AT WAL-MART but usually its bearable and it might hurt but I am not that badly injured or in pain from me, until today...not that any of it is ok... these crazy psychopaths that WORK at walmart use their tools there to injure and abuse customers...of course he knew it would be LOUD and PAINFUL that's why he did it the minute I WALKED BY...he couldn't have waited 4 seconds while I passed..of course not because he did it right when I was there-- prior to that, there was no noise, nothing...just peacefully stocking items, however the minute a female walks by, this lunatic has to purposely MOVE this thing and make the loudest noise possible that the female is disheveled, disoriented can't think straight and even DROPS HER ITEMS AS A RESULT OF THIS....

now again this has happened BEFORE....the losers psychos are stocking items and the MNINUTE I walk by...oh theres a loud BANG OR BOOM or they do anything ot make a very loud noise..same reason...to abuse or injure me...yes im used to this...its happened many times....agaibn not with every stock person --many do their jobs but it happens often because there are many psychos working as stock people...however, the pain subsides and its not that bad however today...it was BAD....im still suffering as a result of some psycho who finds it fun to abuse a woman because he CAN do it??? also when I was leaving and bagging my items I needed help about something and a rude *** male came...he was short..young looking and had blondish hair...I specifically told him I was bagging my items...I was just returning something and had got a bag and said i'll bag them...this *** just ignored what I asid and hurriedly began BAGGING THE ITEMS HIMSELF...he did it to be rude not help me..as I told him again i'd like to bag the items myself...he just grabbed each item REALLY FAST and just bagged them himself..b/c he just didn't want me doing what I wanted to do...wtf??? I mean really...seriously....

im a customer just telling another lunatic associate...hey btw...im bagging my items...and he wouldn't even let me do that??? he continued grabbing each item while I was actually reaching for them...huh? is he crazy??? what kind of the worst customer service humanity do these lunatics even possess??? first I go to walmart and am dizzy and in severe pain as a result of a crazy evil *** worker...who INTENTIONALLY MAKES THE LOUDEST NOISE POSSIBLE TO INJURE AND DISORIENT ME TO A POINT WHERE I EVEN DROP MY ITEMS ...then another lunatic walmart psychotic piece of *** loser employee grabs my items AS IM REACHING FOR THEM AND HURRIEDLY BAGS THEM SO I CANT GET TO THEM FIRST...I mean are you serious??? are these people insane...why are even working anywhere? they are the lowest of the low..bottom feeding *** sh*t....yes I know they are just normal people bjut apparently not....they get off on mistreating and abusing female customers at random for NO *** REASON....

I even called the manager to say ok...well at this point...im SAYING SOMETHING BECAUSE THIS IS really crazy...I am litearlly STILL DIZZY AND DISORIENTED FROM THE *** with the stepladder and from the *** who was just flat out rude...and disrespectful... so beware if u shop at the worst store in the world...just for shopping there you WILL GET INJURED AND ABUSED by the jailbird stock workers who just enjoy abusing women for fun...litearlly terrorizing them and injuring them through really loud noise...terrorizing them to a point where they drop their items and are in serious pain for hours after visiting walmart just to get some toilet paper....and this is a functional *** store hiring these worthless people sub humans as employees?? normally the loud BANG noise made by the crazy males isn't that bad...I can take that but extreme LOUD noises made while im walking by something and cant even leave...that's just cruel and sick...and wrong and this psycho *** shouldn't get away with this....he was a young male with GLASSES working at the alafaya trail walmart as a stock loser...with brown hair... beware if u go to walmrat some worthless sub human psychopath working there MAY try to hurt you in one way or another....its a haven for losers and the sh*ttiest trashiest sick people ever...I went to Wal-Mart to grab some toilet paper and left with not only a headache but severe head pain and disorientation and the worst customer service to exist disrespect by the male sickos that work there...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Cringe personality. Hmm some anxiety related mental illness afflicts this person. Early signs of schizophernia?


Lady quite honestly I think YOUR off your rocker and so full of yourself. Nothing is sick and twisted about then dropping boxes while stocking shelves.

I myself would do it too stocking because the same movement for 6 hours straight flat out strains muscles. Your conceded and your the one that needs help. Believe it or not, not every guy that comes into your path falls head over heels for you and has to be a sick twisted individual to drop things or move them to make a loud noise.

A bit of advise.... SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP ASAP!!!


If they were psychopaths, they would have tried to kill you. You were just complaining about the same thing and being pessimistic - and it seemed like you exaggerated everything.

What do you intend to achieve, by complaining to the general public? We can't fix this. You are horribly narcissistic and arrogant - if you think you are that hot, how 'bout enter a beauty pageant - instead of wasting your time at Walmart?

Nobody said that you had to go there, you went there yourself. You said women, but the only women you talked about was yourself.



As a female, I am calling complete ***

The fact that you think you are the hottest thing to ever walk the planet is bad enough, but degrading people because their jobs sometimes make noises? You need serious mental help.

That guy who moved the ladder did so because he had to reach a different shelf. It's not a conspiracy against you. He was probably smiling because you acted like an *** and threw your groceries on the ground and acted like the world was ending.

Moving a ladder does not injure you. Making noises, like dropping a box, is not harassment. Your narcissism is alarmingly high.

Men don't hit on you by moving ladders or using a sticker gun. That is called doing their job. Taping boxes, which makes a very annoying sound, is a part of their job. It has literally nothing to do with you. Pretending to be dizzy and frightened just makes people laugh at you- which is what they are doing. Laughing at you for doing *** things and making a fool out of yourself. Someone bagging your groceries is not evil or abusive. It's their job. In a lot of stores, you are not allowed to bag your own items- hence the entire job title devoted to the bagger job. Women like you give all of us a bad name. Dear Christ, never shop at Costco. The first time someone drives by you on a forklift with the horn on, you will pretend to faint and claim he was trying to kill you, when in reality, he just wants you out of the dang way so he can do his job.


On May 17 you stated you didn't go there at night anymore because of the women who work there. Which is it, Loony Tunes? And are you still having problems with Subway?


Girl please. Go see a doctor if you are "still dizzy".

I think you have paranoid disorder. You have a big imagination & thats cute , but its not that deep.

Let it go.Try Target or Kmart.....or better yet , shop online. ITS QUIET THERE -___-


An obviously FAKE posting meant to get a rise out of the folks here.... F off...

First Born Triplet

You don't like loud noises, don't move next to an airport or next to Kennedy Space Center.


Wow...you're nuts!


Grab the nets, we have a live one!


You need a psychiatrist asap! You're crazy, sick and demented. Lets not forget....CONCEITED!!!!


When was you fired ?


Lady are you on drugs or something?


Did it ever cross your mind that the stickers are just trying to do their jobs, which on occasion does happen to be noisy. Only a paranoid lunatic would assume that someone moved a ladder just to torture them.

It sounds to me like you g into the store expecting trouble and when you don't find any legitimate complaints you make things up. Its pathetic really that you're deluded into thinking you're so special that anyone would go out of their way to torment you.


You are complaining because a stocker was loud? I'd say a pallet just fell down.

Don't go to Walmart at night if you have that problem. Around 10 is when the night time stockers get to it.

@you are dumb

They actually start pulling about 9-930 bit this chick's nuts