Went to Walmart pharmacy to refill Rx. They were closing for lunch break.

It was as if I was really putting her out by asking her to DO HER JOB. I didn't have any refills left so she said Ill have to fax in a request for dr authorization. The dr office was not open on a Sunday so I was informed it would not be available for pick up until Monday or even TUESDAY! Needless to say I will not being going back for my future Rx refills.

Transferred to Walgreens. This was not my first experience with rudeness at this location

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How is it rude to tell them they are going on their lunch break. They could have taken the approach from that movie "Bad Santa" and screamed "I am on my *** lunch break, that would have been rude.

How were they rude? My guess is because you could not get what you wanted when you wanted.

I am sure when you are on lunch break you are not required to do your job. GROW UP and learn the world does not revolve around you and that everyone gets a break.


to be fair the way it's worded you don't know if the OP knew she had no refills left or not she just states "I didn't have any refills left so she said i'll have to fax in a request for dr authorization"

either way though the OP should have realized this is NOT the RX's fault and they can't just give out prescriptions just because you want them no matter the reason. what if you had none left because you were being weaned off it due to abusing said prescription? i'm not saying you were but you should be able to understand their position given just that one example.

as to the first complaint in the post so what you're saying Is that people should stop everything they're doing to just wait for people to come in and not take their lunch break? so we should just be sitting around even if it's not busy and be like "hey I know it's lunch time and i'm hungry after being here all day but I should wait because someone might come in who has no refills left and their doctor isn't open on Sunday's anyways and won't get the request till the next morning anyways. but I should wait right?"

sheez take some responsibility and admit you waited too long to get your prescription refilled and should have known better that your doctor wouldn't be open on the day that you DID decide to try and get a refill.


Wait, so you didn't have any refills yet went anyway knowing it was a sunday and wouldn't be able to get in contact with your doctor? How is this her fault? Typical walmart customer with an inflated ego and sense of entitlement.


Really do you think she shouldn't get a chance to eat? Everyone needs a break if you are aware of the lunch hours then why go just to cause a scene?

And if you have no refills, why try to pick them up? A pharm tech can't just give you your meds b/c you want them


I love how people assume that the pharmacy associates do not deserve a lunch. How about you all work 12 hour days without any breaks, not allowed to eat or drink and getting paid very little.


Why would you go to walmart for your prescription medications in the first place. They will tell you here is part of your prescription the rest will be in a day to two later They have found out that most people will not return to get the additional dosage.

This could cause real issues for you health,childrens,parents.


I have never understood why anyone would go to a pharmacy that just up and closes for lunch. Plus, you have to deal with the typical WalMart employee---rude, inept, sloppily-dressed and usually obnoxious.

Best to go elsewhere. I suggest Meijer if you have one in your area.