I use another Wal Mart mainly because the one that is 10 min from my home has nothing but rude employees thinking they own the store.

I've made several complaints, none taken to seriously.

Bought some frozen biscuits at the Knoxville Wal Mart that said 20 per pack but when I opened the pack it only had 12. I looked at the package, it for sure said 20 biscuits.

If you can't deal with your rude employees at one store,cheating the customers in another,How much longer should we put up with this so called super store?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Deal.

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First, why would you buy an opened container of food? Regardless of what it was.

Second, since YOU insisted on buying a box of food that was already open...why didn't you count the how many were inside?

Third, You should have brought the box to an employee and told them it was open already and you would like them to look in the back for another one.

Why are you posting something on the internet where people are encouraged to reply to the posters (no matter whether their view point differs from the orignial poster or not) and then arguing with people? Are you trying to validate yourself with the views of others and are unsatisfied with everyone's answers?

Oh and a little advice...if you are trying to pass yourself off as an educated adult, please try to use appropriate grammer. And while you are at it...stoping throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way.


Probably got the biscuits from the discount rack.


Why would an educated RN? be eating unhealthy frozen biscuits?


I guess you were unsuccessful in your attempt to book Jerry Springer and decided to get some attention in this forum. Wal-Mart and biscuits...I love it!

From a supposed R.N.--yeah...right! Get a life and stop wasting people's time.


You're the loser. Why would you buy an opened package of food? Are you that dumb?


No I am not jealous of how much you make because I make up for it in the common sense department that you lack! next time don't buy an opened bag of food!


If your a registered nurse shouldn't you have better sense to raise *** with the company that made the biscuits and not walmart? Katie was just trying to make a point you didn't have to get all defensive and start acting like a Spoiled Brat bragging about how much you make.


The only reason I asked which brand you bought was because shouldn't that have been who you complained to? If it wasn't opened how was that Walmart fault? And if you want to start spouting off at me, then how do I not know if you are trying to scam Walmart.


I have two questions. 1.

What brand was the biscuits?

and 2. Was the package opened?

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