Auburn, Maine

I went to develop some pictures I took of my kids and I've always taken them myself every year. well, when I went to the counter at the photo department to pay for my pictures i basically got the 3rd degree.

They asked me multiple times if they were professional pics. I kept telling them NO I took them myself. Then they told me it's illegal to copy professional pics, and that they looked professional to them so she couldnt release them to me. Again I told them i took them myself and i have the memory card they're on.

She then took the pics and started whispering to another employee for a very long time in front of me. The whole time they're whispering they kept looking up at me shaking thier heads with disgusted looks on their faces! She finally brought them back and gave them to me but looked at me and treated me like I was lier.

I guess at least I now know my pics must look pretty good...But they were sooo unbelievably rude! I will NOT be developing my pictures there any more!

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They have to ask if they ate professional pics if they suspect they are. If they are caught duplicating copyrighted photos they will get a huge fine.


That give them no right to be rude and have a whisper convo in front of the customer . Bad anyway you look at it