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This is a complaint about rude cashier behaviors in walmart super center store #2152 in Albany, NY. I shopped there around 3 pm on March 24, 2014. I had 20 items in my cart. The lady at the express checkout was clearly unhappy that I didn't only have 3 or 4 items. She told me to push the items over as if I've never shopped at an express lane - I was unloading the cart and was trying to push the stuff over at the same time. After I swiped my card, she simply stopped bagging the products and left several boxes of cereal on top of the plastic bag holder. Without saying a word, she started helping the next customer.

I'm not complaining because I was not able put things in a bag myself. In fact I did eventually because I apparently couldn't leave already paid products in the store. Nor did I want to make a big fuss while I only had very limited time to stay in the store. Yes, 20 items seem a bit more than 3 or 4, but please label for smaller numbers if you don't want to serve customers with 20. Knowing 20 is legit and having just half an hour to shop, I actually counted while shopping because I didn't have the time to wait for long non-express lanes.

I understand cashiers at walmart don't get paid much and such, but please hold the attitude to yourself because ultimately, bagging the stuff is your job. When you made your customer do part of your job, it wasn't professional no matter how unpleasant the job itself was or how little you get paid. This is one solid reason for the company to lose a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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The above experience is not solid enough reason to stop shopping at Walmart. The fact that Corporate doesn't care about customers or employers IS solid reason not to shop there.


Sorry, meant "employees"


I've noticed that what some customers might think is attitude or poor service is really just the cashier being COMPLETELY EXHAUSTED at the end of a shift. Also, cashiers are people too and maybe she had something personal on her mind that was bothering her.

It's very difficult to go to work every day and be cheerful and helpful to every single person all the time. Do you have to greet and help people in your job all day long? Stand on your feet for 8 hours, have lunch and breaks and even the end of your shift delayed because you have to wait for someone else to relieve you?

Lift bags of dog and cat food and cases of soda and water? Yes it is a fairly easy job but it is also exhausting.


Not being a walmart shopper, what is the limit on the express lines? If you exceeded the limit, I would be pissed too


The limit is 20. That's why the customer counted while shopping..


;ike you said it isn't really the cashiers no one cares at corporate if you are happy, sad, upset they believe you will keep spending money at walmart so they can treat you any way they want to. you don't want to wait in a long line because they are understaffed they do not want to pay more cashiers to get you out of the store in a timely fashion. they could care less about your exprience!


You are correct. If you don't like WalMart, shop elsewhere. Simple.