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This clueless guard here at 6000 Coit Rd Plano, TX Walmart I was unfortunate to have to be forced to meet needs to go to some sort of People Skills intervention. On the Way in Walmart I was met with Him and a female worker at the front entrance.

That I could witness from the parking lot both of them. This Alpha Male, muscle bound guard was standing in overly erect posture facing female up in the air 4 feet on a contraption to move around the store to walk up it's stars to reach top shelves I assume. It was dead center store front. Both her and him.

She was provocatively seated on top platform looking down I assume for attention of alpha male muscle man. Which she had attention. Walked in fine. No problem,s.

Looked in housewares and this inadequately stocked store did not have the selection I Know is at other Walmart's so I took cart to front and left it there. and was walking out. Giving absolutely Zero attention to aphie. And here it is.

All tone and the way I perceive this. The guard insist to get my attention and eyes and Loudly proclaims. "SIR! Are You OK??" His authoritative and investigated tone of voice of a Police state question.

Got my Attention. I merely replied YES! And it seemed to not be the reply this Authoritarian was seeking or the respect I do believe hie deems He deserves because of his Stature. And his time invested Standing in what I presume is his idea of Alpha male security guard stance Policy he may have or is introducing himself as the Greatest security guard of all time.

That is it. That is my whole complaint. His attitude toward paying customers where we come and have opportunity to witness HIM, exclusively. He is the main draw for this store.

Purchasing goods is 2nd. It is controlled by Muscle bound alpha male Security guard extraordinaire. Chick digs him. I do not.

Am I just jealous? Maybe. Wish I was as healthy as him. I am Not.

My health and body is a joke. I have a disease that is degenerating my Bones. This guy could literally break my back bones in two. Easily and I certain \.

Deep down if he did. He would be a little proud. How Strong he is. It is after the center of his life and world .

To dominate the people he come in contact with. After all he waste about 4 hours a day on his body every day it looks like and I predict.

So he wants his rewards beside his Security guard Low pay I ascertain.

I do not like this 6'6" 300lbs muscle bound authoritarian seeking to inject his dominance towards me when we have No reason to be talking as I am leaving. Other than his attention seeking needs of having all eyes in his kingdom on him to receive his rewards for all the hours wasted on his sculpting his physique.

Product or Service Mentioned: Security Guard.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Dominate security.

  • Disrepectful And Arrogant
  • Security
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It has been 6 months and Walmart has not contacted me . I really believe one of the post IS Walmart.

And Walmart is using insults and attempted shaming as a way to deal with complaint here at this Walmart. Merely because Walmart has not contacted me.And Walmart usually is prompt to address complaints. So this Walmart Complaint employee thinks this is a way to deal with the complainants. Say they are crazy and insult them and any body reading with agree with Walmart's fake user.

This is a Horrible Walmart at Coit Road in Plano at Spring Creek Parkway. and so are their complaint department.

I travel to Park road or 121 Walmart instead. and I will update this complaint every six months on Walmart's Nasty trickery at this Walmart.


So you have no complaint just a whine that someone is in better shape and gets laid more then you? Grow up quickly son from your own post you don’t have a lot of time!!

You’re a sick loser who hates his life and hates on anyone who is better then yourself. You DO come off as someone who needs mental help. Perhaps you should seek it!! Face reality trash, Walmart wouldn’t even bother to respond to such a baseless and useless complaint.

The guard asks if your ok, checking on your welfare, and you turn it into a hatefest because YOU are ugly inside. What kind of trash receptacle for medical waste are you??? There will always be those that have and those that don’t. The guard has a excellent body from years of HARD WORK!!

Something someone like YOU just wouldn't understand. You think it’s JUST going some place and lifting heavy weight till you get buff? There are long hours of muscle pain. Heavily regulated diets.

Exercise is a dedication to yourself and takes lots of work. Something you know nothing about. Maybe you can just pay a lady to touch you that way you don’t have to actually work to impress them and it’s a simple business transaction. Sad really, that someone with obvious body dismorphia and self esteem issues gets to post their whinefest online and try and damage innocent people because of a built in mental problem.

Take your kools and your 40 and go pound sand loser.

Or realize you have MANY mental problems and seek help. You REALLY NEED IT!!


This post just goes to show you what happens when states cut back on the spending for mental health.


I agree with you. My homestate of Louisiana is rated the worst in the nation in mental health care.

Occasionally we switch places with Mississippi as being the worst. Also in nearly every other category Louisiana is rated the worst most of the time! I think that it is a disgrace that Louisiana, with such a World Class city as New Orleans doesn't beat Mississippi everytime. I mean, you've gotta be pretty bad off to rate worse than Mississippi.

Yes, Louisiana has more people receiving SSI "Crazy Money" checks per capita than any other state in America. Must be the Blazing Hot Humid Weather. It Makes People Crazy. Lake Providence, Louisiana was even featured in Reader's Digest in a story called "Crazy Money" about how over 200 people in Lake Providence were found to be pretending to be mentally ill so that they could receive "Crazy Money", as they called it.

It said parents were coaching their children on how to act so that they could get a check. And that some families had father, mother and all the children receiving SSI "Crazy Money" They said that they pretended to be crazy because there were no jobs in the area, and that it was more money than getting welfare.

Lake Providence is located in the poorest parish in the state near where Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi meet. These people didn't need funding for mental health care, they just needed decent paying jobs.


They should have a security guard like the midget man that works at Fred's Super Dollar. If someone tries to steal something he just wraps his body around there leg to slow them down until someone else can assist in stopping them.


Just exactly what is your compliant here? That the Security Guard is much larger than you and women pay attention to him? You should discuss your feelings of being inadequate and jealousy with a therapist.


I have No idea What this complaint is about. No retailer is a therapist.


No Dummies. He attitude toward customers.

He acts like a cop. He acts with way to much control. The woman, I repeat, had a 6 foot tall Stairs pushed up to the front of the building at the main entrance. And she was practically laying down up there but in a sitting position.

Squirming around like a cat in Heat. You would not find that ODD? You, Snowflake, would have it posted on all media. And probably be a Star!.

I,. As, I told. Walked by with no problem. Anonymous ID???

It would not surprise me if YOU were the lady up the stairs. The woman in heat was instigator there. The guard was merely standing post in a good honorable fashion as he should. Good job there for the man.

The woman. WHAT was her reasoning g for pushing that contraption up to the front entrance of the building. May be a legitimate reason? I don no!

My beef with him is and was his tone. He is a security guard. No a sultan. And maybe you two should get out and live a little so can understand better.

Me think me see two pipples that sit behind a PC and looks to hate on people and make American worse again. Take your ineffectual hatred to someone you can penetrate , My dears.......


What the heck???? *scratching my head in confusion*


Huh? What?