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I have experienced MANY problems at Walmart Brea in regards to price matching so I have stopped shopping there, even though I live 5 minutes away, and do all my price matching grocery shopping at Walmart Fullerton, which is 20 minutes away. I have done this for the past year and have had NO problems at Fullerton. My shopping there is a breeze, peaceful and just plain nice.

Today, 1/14/14, I didn't feel like driving to Fullerton so I decided to give Walmart Brea a try, shouldn't be that bad, right? Wrong!!!

The gentleman cashier helping me had a question about something so he called the front end manager over, didn't catch her name but she is an older African American women who has helped me in the past and is very condescending. She immediately told me the ad must be followed I am aware of but I told her I grabbed the smallest size on the shelf so I was unaware there was an even smaller size, I apologized. We came to the next item and there was an issue with that. She just began to nitpick at each and every item, even though I followed the ads correctly.....i.e. ad stated 7-16 oz for Birdseye Frozen vegetables. The bag I had was 12 oz but she said, it didn't match. I had to inform her 12 oz was in between 7 and 16 oz and it DID qualify.

I had already apologized to the customer behind me because it was obviously taking a long time. She smiled and didn't seem to bothered. However, when the manager came over, she said to me that the lady behind me was getting bothered for having to wait and of course that lit the customers fire under her. She moved lines and then she went and complained to the manager and the customer and manager were talking about it and watching me and the cashier, clearly annoyed.

I don't know what Walmart Brea has against price match shoppers but it is CLEARLY evident that they do not like being bothered by us and it is CLEARLY evident by their rude remarks, attitude and tone. I experience EVERY single time I go there, yet I keep going back, hoping to have a different experience, but I don't.

I have read your policy. I don't need to bring in my ad, but I do, to make it easier for the cashier. I follow the ad and when I make a mistake, I apologize and correct it. I don't appreciate being made to feel like I'm trying to "cheat" Walmart.

The last time I had an issue here at Brea Walmart, a manager by the name of Donna called me and assured me it wouldn't happen again. Well Donna, your employees are still giving price match shoppers a hard time.

I will say that the manager I dealt with today, did give me the price match deals, even though the ounce of the items I got did not match what was in the ad, but that was only because she had a semi-rant saying, "I'm not voiding all this out. You have too much stuff to void all this out, just for that. I'm not voiding it out. Just give it to her. Well, you got it for that price. Just give it to her for that price. I'm not voiding it all out for that." Very professional!!

I will not be doing my price matching grocery shopping at Brea anymore. I've said that in the past but I'm done giving Brea chances. They clearly can't get their act together and give halfway decent customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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jenng - your review is on a website. Unless you OWN this website you don't get to tell people they can't post on your review.

People who obsessively price match and block up checkouts are ***. Have some respect for other people. I doubt the customer behind you was hunky dory with you wasting her time.

Undoubtedly she was being polite when she smiled.


P.S, while you all may assume this comment is racist as well. I am not racist.

I just don't think blacks should have a position in management. First of all they have poor people skills and second they don't have the education to run a store as this manager displayed. It is not racist if what is being said is true about blacks.

So Zack and anonymous quit spreading rumors that I am racist it is called slander and that is very serious accusation and can get you sued. Even online, just saying.


You tell us you know how to read, but apparently you don't know how to read yourself. Zack clearly stood up for you and said that you were NOT being racist.

You were just mentioning the person so she can be identified. So perhaps you should yourself take lessons in reading comprehension, then reread what Zack posted then you would know he is not accusing you of being racist.


I don't know how it is in Canada, but unfortunately in the US people are claiming racism over the smallest of things. You don't get the rules bent just for you you are racist. They tell you no, they are racist.

In other words if you don't get special treatment from a company they are automatically racist. However getting special treatment because of your race is also discrimination and racism.

They fail and "Forget" to see this. Especially in my state the false cry of racism is being made often.


Lol, perhaps Zack should sue her for slander for accusing him of accusing her of being a racist? W


"I just don't think blacks should have a position in management. First of all they have poor people skills and second they don't have the education to run a store as this manager displayed.


You're a racist. Truth is a positive defense to slander.


You guys are all losers and pathetic. Clearly you did not read my review, and you all need lessons in reading comprehension.

*** and stay off my review unless you have something intelligent to say. You ***


Yeah that comment is really intelligent isn't it?


What does the fact that the cashier was an older black lady have to do with your complaint? This remark indicates you are being racist. It is funny I never have complaints when I shop at WalMart, they all can't be that different.


IT is just telling how the cashier looked so they if they take any action know who they are talking about. How is it racist if you mention someone is black, but not racist if you claim someone is white.

If she said the cashier was an older white lady no one would find the comment racist. Just saying


I said that so corporate can identify who the manager is....not because I'm racist. Get a clue!!


And it was the manager, not the cashier


As for calling this consumer lazy youre probably a cashier. Have you ever had a callous on your hands?

I doubt it. Nuff said.


You are probably ten years old to assume this person is a cashier because they called a lazy person lazy. Seriously like they said why price match.

Just go to the store where the item is on sale, problem solved. This person has a silly complaint and the people posting comments telling her she is posting silly complaints probably are regular users.

However by assuming they are cashiers and employees because they tell a customer who makes a silly complaint she is being silly you must be a child. You really must be ten with your username and the fact that you did not read that not all the items this person had did not match the paper.


As to the ones that posted negative comments about this consumer being annoyed. Youre obviously walmart employees and thank you for showing all of us consumers how you really feel about us. I think its time walmart wake up and realize that the consumers dont have to spend their money with you.


Yeah, the employees are really going to tell this person to shop elsewhere. That is the only negative comment people posted.

One replier even posted, shop elsewhere. Shop at other companies. I doubt that they would tell someone to shop at the competition. That is like me saying you have a grudge against a company and are posting negative things about the company because you were caught stealing or fired from there.

That is just as logical as your childish thinking. Also one of the posters is from Canada, there is no Walmart in Canada, so your logic is wrong.


do you find it interesting that MANAGEMENT at one walmart can be so different from the other WALMART. I can travel 2o minutes in different directions to walmart one is GREAT.

the NEW SUPERCENTER is terrible, i HAVE SEEN MORE EMPLOYEES in suits walking around doing nothing barking out orders. it is MANAGEMENT THAT SUCKS.

the supercenter always has stuff OUT OF DATE it is just TERRIBLE and try to talk to the suits as they are strolling around with clip boards COMPLETELY ABOVE SPEAKING TO CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Also do you realize the kind of *** these managers and cashiers have to deal with day in and day out for a matter of cents? I get it "it's their job" but still try dealing with customers day in and day out "this ad says $4.90 and you have it marked at $4.99 and you say you'll match any price".

I understand stores should honor what they say, I totally get that.

I'm just saying have a little empathy and that sometimes the ad match just isn't worth it.

(I can't count the number of times I've been at any retail store; Walgreens, Walmart, etc and someone ahead of me is arguing with the cashier or manager over ten cents. I seriously want to just slap a quarter on the counter and say take it just let me get on with my day.)


I'm not arguing over .10. I can save between $25 and $35 when I price match.


Let's get things clear first. Refusing to give in to you is not the same as being rude.

Second why do you people even bother to go to price match when you can just go to the store that the item is at sale on? Also you are complaining because a customer was annoyed at you. Well I would be as well. Or better yet, don't be lazy and to to the other Walmart.

So it is professional only when you get your way, but unprofessional and rude when you don't get what you want. Look up the dictionary for the definitions of professional and rude if you think that.

You even admitted that some of the items were not on the ad and they still gave you the price so why throw a temper tantrum like a seven year old. Act your age.


Yes, let's get some things clear.

Someone can say something without being rude.

It's all about tone and how you say it.

I'm not lazy....far from it. Clearly you don't know what price matching is. I am not going to go to 5 different grocery stores when I can do all my shopping at Walmart and they will match the prices that are in all ads. That's not being lazy...that's being resourceful with my money and my time.

I'm annoyed that the manager influenced the customer behind me when 2 minutes earlier she was fine when I talked to her.

I never said my item was not on the ad.

The item was the size of the item that didn't match. Maybe you need some glasses or comprehension classes!