Baton Rouge, Louisiana

I was recently hired by the WalMart Corporation. I received a phone call on a Friday by a person named Angela.

She asked me if I could come in for an interview on Monday at noon. I secured the slot and made arrangements with my Full Time Employer. When I arrived, several individuals were ahead of me who's stated they had been there for over 3 hours. I made sure I informed Angela that I had a doctor's appointment for 2 p.m.

and she assured me I would not be held for more than an hour. At 1:45 p.m. I became nervous and had not planned on being there for nearly 3hours. Angela stated I could come back after my appointment.

I arrived back around 2:30p.m. and waited another 3 hours. It was explained that they were conducting 1st and 2nd interviews the same day which is why it was taking so long. Two young ladies interviewed me and advised they were very pleased with my attitude and thought I would be a great fit.

I was hired to work in Apparel. The next step was to speak with Assistant Store Manager, Mike who was by far one of the most pleasant and gentle people I have ever encountered. I explained to him that my availability has changed because I had secured other employment and he PROMISED me that I would not be penalized for that. He stated I only needed to inform them what my availability was and they would be more than happy to accommodate me.

My final step was to speak with a person by the name of Rita. Rita was very stern, short, and unpleasant. I tried to explain my scheduling dilemma and that I only needed to change one day. She told me there is no way possible they could do that and that I was hired under the pretenses of what I entered.

I tried to explain that Mike stated it would NOT be a problem. Her next sentence was not only demeaning but it was condescending, rude, and aggressive. She stated, "I outrank Mike. He has no seniority over me".

I WAS APPAULED!! What she failed to realize is that I, too have a professional job and I am in the field of customer service and employment. I was not there to measure who outranks who and I felt highly offended that she offered that information. I shook her hand and left.

However, I was not satisfied. I allotted an entire day to interview for this job, only to be disrespected, put down, and not accommodated. I asked for the Store Manager and waited another hour. His name was John Watson.

I expressed my complaint and asked him if it is the policy of WalMart to not be understanding to people's schedules upon hiring. I told him that not only am I an applicant, but I am a customer and Rita's comments were offensive. All I wanted was a job and to change one day!! John wrote down my name and number and promised to call me, after telling me it's people with my drive that he wants to work with.

That was 3 weeks ago. I still have not heard from John.

This experience makes me never want to shop at WalMart again and it makes me want to spread the news of how horrible the hiring process is. WalMart, 70810 Burbank DR Baton Rouge, La

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $113.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Customer service, Management, Service.

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Wait a minute, you say at first that you were hired by Walmart and then you say that you were interviewed. As a person who has worked for Walmart before, I know that they have three steps in the interview process where you are interviewed by 3 different people before they decide if they will hire you or not.

The first person you interviewed with would not have been the one who hired you. Your story is not adding up and I am more than certain you are leaving other parts out.


OMG, I came to this site to tell people what happened to me and all I see is arguing back and forth between teenagers. I thought this was a professional site but both KevinRichards and Annie28 are making this site seem like a circus with their silly and foolish bickering.

As soon as I can I am going to find a way to block both of you from responding. Remember the stronger is the one that ignores the other, the weaker person is the one that stops bickering. Any problems with my spelling and grammar? Kevin?

Annie? Since you are the experts perhaps you can enlighten me. On second don't answer that. Like you said this is a site to complain, not to have perfect spelling and grammar.

But thanks for your input.


You are lieing, I have never misplaced commas. You have issues and you are a hypocrite Kevin Richards.

I also have good reasons for not disclosing my location. So ***


Just to point it out since you are the spelling and grammar expert, it is spelled "lying" not lieing. Guess your brain is the one that is fried.


I know you won't believe it, but that last comment was not from me. Guess you have a lot of enemies on here, but since you are so perfect, I would like to point out that you forgot your second set of parenthesis. I actually wouldn't be surprised if that comment was from you, pretending to be me just so you could claim that I misspelled an easy word like lying.


Nice try, real "mature" pretending the comment was not from you instead of just admitting you misspelled the word. Why not do the adult thing and admit you misspelled lying.

I can admit I made some mistake myself, but why not do the adult thing and admit you did not know how to spell the word "lying" I can admit I am wrong but you are too immature to do this. Why would I have written that comment? I know how to spell the word lying and I am the one that caught you on your spelling mistake. Just admit you misspelled the word.

You are real immature. Next you will be claiming that in the review where there were missing commas was written by me as well. Seriously grow up. That comment was not from me and both you and I know it.

I am correct when you say you don't love your parents.

If you loved them you would not be lying if they taught you that lying is wrong. Then again perhaps your parents did not teach you that lying is wrong.


I have to agree, that last comment does seem like it was posted by Kevin. He is always accusing people of lying, and there have been several times it seems like he has posted as someone else when he is losing an argument. You can't get mad at him, however, he is just a lonely teenager who is probably failing English class.


Employers use applicants availability to decide who they call for an interview. For example, if they are short handed in apparel Wednesday through Sunday from 5-9, they are going to look through their applications to find the people who are available to work those hours.

Claiming you are available to get an interview and then changing your availability is not okay for that reason. That may have been the only reason they chose to call you over someone else. Also, stating that she out ranked Mike wad not rude.

Sounds like fact.sounds like she was trying to say that Mike did not have the authority to tell you you would not be penalized because it was up to her, not him. She even explained to you that you would not be hired because you did not enter accurate information on your application.


Work on your grammar you are missing commas, and when writing something formal you need to spell out the words rather than write the numbers down.


This is a complaint site, not an English test. By the way, I am not missing any commas.

The only error I made was not skipping a space and capitalizing the letter after my period, which I see, but it is not the end of the world. Also, as I said before, this is a complaint site, so there is nothing formal about it, so there was no need to spell the numbers out, which you would not do when referring to time any way.

I swear, California boys need to stay out of the sun. I think it's frying your brain.


I forgot to mention, you are missing a comma in your first sentence, Mr. Perfect.

"Work on your grammer you are missing commas" should have a comma after the word grammer. Keep up the good work, hypocrite.


Then why did you correct me when I posted aka. Guess you think you have special privileges over other posters and that you are special.

You can correct other people but once you are corrected your feelings are hurt. You are missing comma's have mommy check your work over before submit next time. Why is it okay for you to correct people and not other people. You are not more special than I am.

You are missing commas, you must be either seven years old or mentally retarded not to realize this. I guess you are a big baby and cannot take what you dish. You are the hypocrite because you are the one that has offense to bad grammar. You are also a liar.

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They gave you life, and you do not love them. Too bad they did not abort you. If they knew how you would turn out they would have.

Also you don't even disclose your location. Coward.


I do agree with you one one thing however, stating she outranks Mike is not rude. I bet the reason this person did not get the job is because she is seven years old. Only a seven year old would mistake that comment as rude.


My point, which you seemed to have missed, is that you always go onto other people's complaints and criticize their grammer and spelling, but you are no better. I don't know where you got the idea that my feelings are hurt.

Read over your last comment and look at your extra apostrophes, missing question marks, etc. By the way, why in the world does it matter where I am from? People's locations and names make absolutely no difference here.

Oh, and please stop repeating yourself. You go on these long rants that are really just you repeating the same thing over and over.


So it is okay for you to criticize people for their spelling and grammar. You are no better, when you misspelled the word "lying" instead of admitting to misspelling the word you claim someone else posted the incorrect spelling.

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You are the one that has a fried brain. You are too retarded to realize where you missed commas.


You are no doubt an Obama supporter right? You think the world should be handed to you on a silver platter.


Just look at it this way: you dodged a bullet! Walmart is NOT anyone's idea of a good place to work. Hang onto your full-time job and look for Part-time work elsewhere.


You are a snob and probably won't hear from him. Why would they want to work with you.

You have not even started and you are already badmouthing them for getting your way. Also just because Walmart is a million dollar company does not mean they are allowed to break the law and hire two year old children such as yourself.