the people in the city of orlando are the worst--mostly ghetto trash anywhere--horrible awful sick people for the most part. rude mean filthy people.

I have lived and visited many places and none compare to the evil and bad mean sick disturbed low quality filth of people you find in orlando. the people in orlando are like sub human ghetto trash mostly and arrogant ugly evil awful people. i go to neighborhood walmart sometimes and at night, you dont have a choice which cashier you have to deal with. for the most part they're ok, but there is this RUDE cashier who purposely just stays MUTE the entire time...i have NEVER met a cashier that does this.

i saw this mute *** talking to another customer, and treating them normally but the minute this ugly hideous mother *** encounters me, he stays totally SILENT. he rings up my items, doesnt give a price does not say a single WORD...that makes for a very unnatural and weird interaction... in fact its extremely DRAINING. it is a horrible and draining interaction that is difficult to deal with and if i had a choice i'd avoid this useless piece of *** if i could and deal with any other cashier there as they are generally normal....this *** has dark hair maybe 20's and male seems hispanic and just rude seems like this low life is probably a sociopath of some type.

this sadistic nutjob does this on purpose because im an attractive female and in the vile city of orlando, the males here are sadistic evil freaks who enjoy abusing pretty women...no joke. if you are a pretty woman God help you-- 98% of males in the city of orlando will torment you. The males in this city are dysfunctional sick evil crazy....they do ANYTHING to be rude abusive mean to you no matter what the case or cost. THey will try to hurt you ignore you abuse you ANY way possible, just because you are attractive-- they are SICK disturbed people and this crazy sick cashier is DISTURBED.

he finds it fun that if he has to ring up my items he stays totally MUTE silent the WHOLE time not saying ONE word to me....and just looking at me rudely and intimidatingly. i hope someone smacks this hideous idiotic piece of *** loser and reject for treating a person this way for no reason...especially a woman. you have to be a truly EVIL sick person to just abuse a random woman like that for no reason---evil inside and just evil hideous mean deranged person. it may not seem like a big thing....but it is believe me.

The males in the city of orlando are dysfunctional sick sadistic creeps. They are ugly evil ghetto trash too mostly and will do ANYTHING to put a female down especially moreso if she is attractive or pretty and they are jealous or intimidated of her. You think men will be extra nice to pretty women....not in orlando...be prepared to get picked on singled out mocked by the crazy ugly insecure men here mostly....this is how the sick crazy men here treat nice and pretty women. this rude psycho that works there...really hope someone smacks the *** out of him for thinking he can just mistreat women for fun and sport.

sick freaks exist here...if you go to places like 7-11 and encounter that males there too they too are rude mean nasty towards nice and pretty women and do ANYTHING just to be mean or rude if they can be. and I mean they are just rude to you anywhere you go...any interaction you have with these low lifes..results in their insecurities being projected onto you.

I have visited many cities and it is nothing as bad as in orlando-- the people here I hesitate to call them people are the WORST people to exist anywhere seriously--they are the meanest rudest and also the ugliest dumbest and most arrogant-- they are a combination of extremely ugly mean rude arrogant terrible people who just enjoy being mean to others and putting others down. Also if you are nice, they will not be nice back to you....they will be mean abusive and rude---this also goes for the ucf area in general....its just a disgusting place full of terrible and mean people and the men are cowards, pansies, low lifes and *** fagits who pick on pretty women and abuse them for fun....all you sick insecure men who pick on pretty and nice women....yes you can't get us..or have us...yes we're WAY too good for you....and yes you are totally inferior you ugly pieces of dog *** for taking your anger and jealousy out on innocent people you worthless pieces of sh*t...don't punish us because you're insecure and pathetic and pitiful losers with low self esteem...get help you idiotic freaks...

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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I know I sound like the ugly nut job. Not him.

I think pretty highly of myself, and I sound like the ugliest person EVER. Ooops sorry I sharted :cry


Hey Anonymous "sound" :grin :grin No sound on this site just comments and posts.


You sound like the ugly nut job. Not him.

You think pretty highly of yourself, and you sound like the ugliest person EVER.


sorry about my previous comment my dad had me up all night su.,ucking his co.,ck and I woke up in a bad mood. :sigh


Seems you needeed to write a diatribe that makes you feel better. It is a shame you are a useless pice of garbage that holds himself to be better than everyone else.

Please do us all a favor and climb back into your hole and do not come out. :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin