Mount Laurel, New Jersey

My husband and I had just checked out at the Walmart in St. Clairsville, OH; where we had just spent over $50.

on two items. One was a computer chair and the other was a pc game. As we were leaving the store, the old man greeter got right in my face (about an inch away), and said,"that is not in a bag (meaning the computer chair box, duh), I want to see your receipt." (Really nasty attitude). I pointed to him that the pc game was in a bag.

He proceeded to want my receipt (which I gave him), and he looked it over with a fine tooth comb, over and over, as if I were giving him a fake receipt. He handed it back,din't apologize or anything, if I hadn't started pushing the cart slowly, I would have knocked him down (I wanted to, too), because he was still in my face. The people that came out behind us had the same type of items in their cart and he didn't bother to grill them!!! When I got home, I called the store manager.

Doubt he did anything about it.

However, I won't go back to any Walmart again!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Say "no thank you" and keep walking. If they attempt to detain you, call the police.


Miss Elvira

They are CRAZY with the receipt thing. I was at a wallmart in AZ.

Had purchased an item and then went to go get some food (in the front of the store where they sometimes have the little cafe thing) was aproched by 2 employees insisting I had to have a bag. I said "I don't want a bag, but I have the receipt. They insisted. I refused!

I bought the item, had the receipt.

The cashier who rang me up was right there. I shouldn't have to put my item in a bag if I don't want to.