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As I was putting my groceries through I had to ask the cashier if she could please put my milk and orange juice in a bag. She then proceeded to put it in making noices and rolling her eyes like I had asked for her life's blood.

I was looking for a manager to complain , however when I saw one I was shocked to see her walking around chewing gum and blowing bubbles.

I thought well no wonder if supervisors are disrespectful and unprofessional how can they teach the employes to be courteous to the customer. Walmart has good value and has many good quality items and I'm sure not all of the cashiers are as rude as the one I had.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Cashier's are supposed to use as few bags as they can. Its part of preserving the environment.

Items like milk and orange juice are not always bagged but will be on request.

In my area a lot of Walmarts don't even have bags anymore. If you want your items bagged you have to bring your own.


OH you poor wittle baby you, having to bag your own orange juice and milk, hope you did not pull a muscle doing this. Chewing gum reduces stress, and with children like you allowed to shop unsupervised she has a lot of stress, next time bring mommy along with you to go shopping and help you with bagging, because clearly seven years old is too young to shop alone.


I'm sorry to hear that your life has been so profoundly affected by the groaning noises of an employee who, for all you know, could've been working the end of an overtime shift at her second job. We'll pray for your quick mental recovery.


What exactly are "noices?" Or do you mean "noises?" Exactly what kind of noises was she making? Also I don't see any problem with her rolling her eyes, because I probably would have too, if a customer wanted their milk and juice put in a bag.

If that is the least of your problems you have a pretty good life. Furthermore, I highly double that you saw a manager blowing bubbles with her gum.

There isn't anything wrong with a person chewing gum if they are doing it quietly.


I was looking at this b/c the cashiers at my Walmart are rude. I mean, it's not like they curse at me or smack me around; they're just unpleasant & they act like they wish you weren't there.

Before y'all start getting all sarcastic, it hasn't destroyed my life (and I don't think the lady complaining about the milk & orange juice was saying that). But the way I was raised, you just didn't act like that at work, or to anyone, any time. My mother, my boss, even my children would say, it's just not acceptable behavior. So I guess what all of you are saying to this lady is that she, the paying customer, should be nicer & kinder & more understanding, while the cashier, who is getting PAID to bag the groceries, is allowed to behave any way she likes.

Is that right? You're calling the customer a baby? What about the cashier? By the time I was 7 years old, I knew better than to roll my eyes & groan & complain, and by the time I went to work at 15, I figured if I did that to a customer, I'd probably get fired (yes, even at the end of a 16 hour shift).

So I treated them with respect. And that's how I expect to be treated too. Ruby, the cashier might've been tired, so you think it's ok for her to act like that? What if that customer was tired & came in there after a double shift?

What if that customer is 88 years old? Or has cerebral palsy? Or has been up all night with a dying family member? Still ok for us to all bash her for expecting a cashier to be polite & helpful?

I think not. And "anonymous," folks who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You make fun of the misspelling of "noises," but you say you "highly double that you saw a manager blowing bubbles." You highly double it, huh? To borrow your phrasing, "Or do you mean" you highly DOUBT it?

And if that is what you mean, I can't imagine why you would doubt it. You weren't there, were you? I love Walmart's selection & most of their prices are great; but I, too, am tired of rude people everywhere, especially when I'm handing money to them & supporting the job they have. To the lady that complained - Keep expecting politeness; it should be the norm.

And no, groaning & eye rolling (either or both) is NOT polite, and you are not wrong to complain about it.