Saturday 2/20/2010, Battery in 2005 Chevrolet Corvette finally died, I went to the local Wal Mart Automotive Store Two Notch Rd. Columbia SC 29229 to purchase a 86-3 battery.

I picked out battery, brought it to counter to check out. Sales associate walked past me to take a cell phone call...Personnal Business. Other associate was on store phone ignored me for 5 to 10 minutes, did not bother to tell me he would be with me in a moment etc. When he did finally make it to the register, I told him that I had the Core(old battery) in my truck.

In a very surly tone, he informed me that I would get $5.00 back when I brought it in the store... At this point I told him that I would purchase my battery some where else. When I got back to my vehicle, I called the store to speak with the store manager. Mr.

PJ Pitts, did not sound very concerned about my experience, and when I asked for the district Managers number I was given the 1-800-WAL MART phone number.

Remember, there are other stores like K-Mart, Sears, etc that really care about service, and customers. Save yourself the upset of dealing with NON Customer Service Associate(s) at this store

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