I'm from Texas and I was in Baltimore, Maryland for a church convention. I went to Wal-Mart Wednesday night at 11:45pm.

I'm handicapped and I was in at lot of pain,I only asked an employee where the bread was and she looked at me with evilness in her eyes and said "I'm on my break" then she just walked off.I said, Hon, I just need to know where the bread is and again she turned around pulled her pants up in the crouch area like a man and said " I'm on my break". She was a blk female with long braids and she had on a baseball cap. I went to check out and then the cashier was so rude I just gave up and left the items in the store and went back to my hotel.

I will never shop at that Wal-Mart as long as I'm in town and I told my friends at the hotel not to shop there while we are in town.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Why would you go to a communist city like Baltimore for a church convention?


"She looked at me with evilness in her eyes" Really??? She could have told you where the bread was but come on, sounds a little exaggerated to me. She only gets 15 minutes for break and customers don't seem to care as they are constantly asking questions, then before you know it their break is over before it started.

to anonymous Powell, Wyoming, United States #674625

so true. I worked at walmart for a year and got asked questions on my break constantly.

But it was never simple questions.

Missed a lot of break time because I was nice. Wish I had been more like this evil girl

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