Washington, District Of Columbia

Staff at Waltmart on Georgia Ave. Washington DC are rude, refused to help when you ask for information.

I avoid as possible to go to that place. I have a Safeway with great service and probably with the some load of work which I usually shop a few blocks from that store. I work with people as well- some are so rude, but I need to remember that is the nature of working with people. I heard staff at that store does not get good pay, and I am sorry about that situation.

But I am not the owner just a costumer and 99% I tried to be nice as possible can, sometimes, I am also tired and like to go home but despite that fact, I am courteous and at least say thanks. But my experience with Walt Mart here in DC has being very unpleasant. I will avoid going back again to Walmart on Georgia Ave NW. since I do not need to be in a place in which I been treated rude most of the times and the personnel dislike my presence.

When I shop at that stores on Georgia Ave. I usually expended more than $100 in food, today I toll the manager, after the cashier refused to continue working on my order and left to call this manager -

That I did not appreciated the rudeness of her employee and that I do not know that person personal issues or problems, but as a customers I deserved at least to be treated with respect and if there was a problem, I will canceled my order $150 and will never come back.

The manager asked another cashier to completed my transaction and I left. But these incidents has happen to many times, therefore is obvious that people like me are not welcome on that store.

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You act like a ####### but except to be treated like royalty. You are a disgraceful,arrogant, ego-centric loser that thrives on belittling workers that must take your garbage.

You are probably the type of as####e that prays when their food arrives, but sends it backs insisting that it is replaced while the original plate is trashed. Shame on you trashy person.


Sounds to me like you are the problem and I feel sorry for the people at Safeway for dealing with you. You are "forgetting" the reason the cashier refused to take your order.

Were you sarcastic, rushing him.

Of course if that is the case you would not admit it. I don't know why the manager would try to please a brat like yourself, but guess they need your $100 which suddenly changed to $150 that much.