Rogers, Arkansas
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My two grandkids were playing with some toy swords that Walmart sells and some store associate came and took them away. I was so mad that I tracked down the associate and told them off.

They were being very rude and disrespectful. This isn't the first time this has happened either, this is just the first time I did something about it. Store associates have got on to my grandkids for running through the store, playing with other toys and stuff, etc.

I am in charge of my kids and no one has the right to discipline them. They are just boys.

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That associate had every right to yell at your kids. Its hard working when while kids are making a mess of everything causing kaos. Its the parents fault for not supervising their kids well enough.


Actually these were my kids this happened to, not grandkids. My mom wrote this review at my computer and it copied my name to it when I logged on myself.


Look at the username guys and look at all the complaints she posted. They are obviously writing troll reviews.


Go to the sporting goods section...................pick up a nice Louisville Slugger........then put those little brats in line like granny should be doing. :( :( :( :( :( :(


I disagree with this complaint. The employees are not babysitters and you should be watching your children.

What if they got hurt because they were careless and you were negligent?

Please set a better example for your children and teach them that this is not acceptable behavior at the store.


You guys are all gullible. You are eating this story right up.

This "grandmother" is just making fun of the average Walmart/Kmart shopper. Allowing their children to run unsupervised ect.


Look lady, I almost got knocked over by a child riding a bicycle at full speed. He stopped just in time.

Good for him because if I had been injured I would have sued his parents or guardian not the store because it is the parents responsibility to watch their kids. What are you going to do if your kids hurt someone and they sue you?


I cannot believe someone found this funny. I don't find anything funny about this crazy grandmother and her neglectful, irresponsible nature.


I disagree with the complaint. You are not watching your children and that is your fault.

What if something happens to them where they injure someone else or themselves? In this case, I agree with Walmart-kids should be supervised at all times so that they do not endanger themselves and other shoppers.


Of course this is not the first time this has happened. I hate walking in a store where the children are left alone in the toy department while the adult shops.

What if one of your grand children hurt someone with the toy swords. What if they broke them?

Are you willing to pay for what they broke. Also leaving your grandchildren in the store all alone great way to get kidnapped, ever heard the Adam Walsh story.


Great point made. That should serve as a reminder to keep an eye on children/grandchildren.




How disrespectful are you. This is supposed to be a website for people to place their opinions in a civilized manner, not use language that offends. :(


Are they your kids or grandkids? At the beginning of your complaint you refer to them as your grandkids, but then towards they end you refer to them as your kids.

Stores aren't playgrounds and the toys are there to be purchased, not played with on the site. When they are running rampant in the store, it would be easy for one of them to be hit by somebody using one of those electric carts, and the only person that would be at fault would be you because of your total lack of proper supervision.

Kids should be with their guardians at all times, and the guardians should be teaching them proper behavior. You definitely owe the store employee a huge apology, with those two allegedly innocent, angelic little boys present, so they can see proper behavior.


WRONG!!!! You ceased to be in control once those kids (under your pathetic control) picked up the toys and started playing with them..........The associate deserves an apology and you are the one who was wrong......


You are either joking or an arrogant i diot. A retail store is not your grandchildren's personal playground!!!

Rude and disrespectful?

That would be YOU sweetie. :roll :roll


So what happens when you're grandkids injure themselves with this toy sword or they fall and split their head open while running throughout the store? My guess is that you cry foul and attempt to sue Wal-Mart for millions.

Do everyone a favor and watch your grandkids so they don't become someone else's problem.