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Once again I have experienced Claremore, Oklahoma WalMart's lack of customer service. The last time I was this upset, I boycotted WalMart for several months. I still buy most of my groceries at Reasors where I get friendly service, great selection, and efficient help whenever I need it. I have been grocery shopping at Reasors for several years now. I use to primarily grocery shop at WalMart, when customer service was consistently good if not great.

Today I went into WalMart to print photos from a cd. My mother-in-law passed away this year, and I wanted to make copies of her family photos for my husband's brothers and his sister.

So I spent countless hours scanning and labeling these photos onto my computer and saving them to a cd. Most of the photos were 50-85 plus years old.

I took the cd and used WalMart's self service photo center and spent several minutes selecting the photos that I wanted printed. Then I shopped while my order was being processed.

When I took the photos to the photo center counter, the WalMart employee informed me I could not purchase the photos that look like a professional took them. I told her most of the photos are very old and there is no way to know for sure they were professionally taken, and if they were professionally taken, more than likely the photographer is no longer alive.

She said that it doesn't matter how old they are. Their policy states it is up to the employee's discretion to decide if the photo was professionally taken,therefore making the decision whether I can purchase them.

The rule is ridiculous, but that certainly is not her fault. What is her fault is how abrubt and rude she was. With her rude attitude, and my belief that this rule couldn't possibly be accurate for photos that are over 50-80 plus years old, I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor, was professional and polite. I overheard the rude WalMart employee tell the supervisor, that if I want to go to Drug Warehouse or Walgreens to get the photos printed I'm free to do so, in her abrupt manner. The supervisor called a manager and confirmed that she was correct about the policy.

Still a ridiculous rule. The supervisor apologized for my inconvenience and gave me a discount for the pictures I was allowed to buy, since my instant photos, ended up being an almost 2 hour ordeal, with them going through each photo of my $112.00 order to pick out which photos "they" believe were professionally taken.

I did call the store and spoke with a manager who assured me he would discuss the way I was treated with the employee. He offered to give me a gift card the next time I came in as an apology for the way I was treated.

I told him I wasn't interested in the gift card. I just don't want anyone to be treated this way again by one of their employees, and I will not be using their photo center in the future.

We don't have a Target, so I will most likely shop at the nearest Target 25 minutes away until my anger at the lack of Claremore's WalMart customer service subsides enough for me to choose convenience over quality, but most of my business will go elsewhere.

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You *** ***! The kiosk states right on there that any picture that is or appears to be a professional photo CAN NOT be sold unless presented with a SIGNED release from the photographer/studio.

This is the LAW. I don't blame any employees for yelling at you because of your inability to read and your inclination to whine when you don't get your way.


Paigeturner That is why you were fired right away you don't cuss at the Customers and expect just to get a warning.




That's what you get for shopping there. All the reason you should have kept boycotting walmart. Add this to the long list of reasons you should never shop there.