200 Marketplace Dr, Richland, MS 39218, USA
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Below you will find what a friend of mine experienced this afternoon at your Richland, MS store and posted on Facebook. The employee referenced below should be fired.

At a minimum, employees should NOT be allowed to talk on their personal telephones on the floor. Ever! I realize there is practically no chance of identifying this employee now, however, had I witnessed what is described below, the offending employee would no longer have a job at Walmart . Thank you.

So I went to Walmart today for some last minute Christmas gifts and I as soon as a walk in the door there is an older woman leaning on her buggy looks like she could fall any second she asks me to get her an electric scooter bec her knees where about to give out.. I said of course hold on one second I walk over there to only two scooters the Salvation Army man helped me out it was dead the other one had a Walmart employee sitting on it on the phone I said excuse me mam I need that scooter for a woman over there and the employee literally looked up at me and continued talking on her cell phone never got up nothing(I was mad by this point

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Cons: Rude employee.

  • poor company attitude
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Ya my knees hurt too go get me one too.


If she was on her phone more than likely she was off the clock and if she was off the clock then she didn't have to do a *** thing for you or for miss my knees are gonna give out.


You sound like a typical deadbeat that works at Walmart. And yeah, actually she does have to get her sorry *** off the scooter.

It's not her godd@mn personal breakroom! Hey, do the world a favor!

Don't reproduce! There are already too many pathetic, worthless, morally bankrupt people in the world, we don't need you adding even more with your dirty spawn!


First off numbnuts I don't work at Walmart and secondly if she was off thr clock that makes her a customer too and she is allowed on the *** scooter thirdly if someone has mobility issues then they should provide their own *** scooter. Walmart is under no legal obligation to provide scooters. Lastly, asswh@le I can't have kids anyways.


As another human being does she have the right to be on it? Yes.

The question is whether or not she needed it more than the other person. Now was the OP in a position to judge? Idk.

There's no background info on schooling or job position of medical implications. It's a situation where either parties could be in wrong with such little information provided.