Greensboro, North Carolina

What should have been a simple exchange of a CO2 refill for a Soda Stream machine turned into a nightmare. The Walmart in Asheboro NC has the rudest employees I have ever seen.

We have lived in this city for 1 year and have had nothing but BAD experiences with this store since we moved here. The pharmacy is incompetent and the employees are rude not to mention that they NEVER have you Rx ready not matter how early the were called in. We have had rude cashiers at this store wait on us as well but today takes the cake. When the "customer service" cashiers refused to exchange our Co2 refill.

We called the Soda Stream Company in the store and the cashiers and management refused to speak with them and continued to refuse to give us a refill for our Soda Stream. The man who identified himself as a "store manager was not helpful and refused to speak with the Soda Stream people as well. He acted as if he could care less that we were upset and did nothing to resolve the issue. He just stood there with a smug smile on his face as he told us there was nothing he could do.

There were no apologies offered. Needless to say we will NEVER shop there again.

Too many BAD experiences with this store. If you don't want your blood pressure to go up....stay away from this store!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cake.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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I have to agree with the poster that said that the manager is not rude,(though I don't like how they went about it). Telling you no is not being rude.

Like Anonymous from Florida said not all stores can fill the soda streams. Telling you "no I cannot fill the soda stream" is not equal to being rude.

If he cannot do anything to resolve the issues what do you expect him to do? Wave a wand and magically make the store come up with the product?

First Born Triplet

About the wand thing, why not, it works on Harry Potter, all you need to do is say accio and then name the item you want after you wave your wand. :D

@First Born Triplet

I heard the OP is a squib, it will never work.

First Born Triplet

Right got ya.


Does your mother know you are posting this review. I ask this because only a child would mistake being told no as rude.

Also every place you go to there will be a few rude people, since all the people are rude perhaps it is your attitude? Show this review to mommy or daddy and have them explain that no does not automatically mean rude.


Did they say why they wouldn't refill it? Not all walmarts are set up to refill soda streams.

My local store doesn't sell the product and doesn't do any refills, returns or exchanges on them because they simply aren't set up to do so. There are regulations surrounding them that stores have to follow.