I went to your store and I was lining up when I realised I forgot to get something. So I got out of the line.

When I went back in the line this person cut in front of me. I told her I was here before her and to get out of my way. They called security on me and the manager came over and took the other lady's side. Not only that, the other lady lied and said that if I had asked her nicely she would have let me in front.

***. She claimed I was rude. Well I have every right to be rude. First of all this lady is obviously lying, second I was in line first but the manager said since I got out of line that because I forgot something I had to get in the back of the line.

I told her to shove it and told her I would never be returning.

If she is going to side with a *** than she needs to be fired, a *** that lies on top of that. This was a second store, I had a problem with another branch last weei..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Entitlement makes me want to VOMIT!


If you leave the line, you lose your spot. You owe the manager an apology, you were completely wrong.


This sounds like someone was hired to write dumb things, using all the spelling errors and grammatical weirdness of an uneducated person, just to see what our reactions would be like. A Wal-mart strategy?

Research? After all, no one owes any of us the truth here. I think the lack of sound reasoning seems so deliberate it must be this, by the same person as the company check writer, or are there those that can be this clueless, inept?

Males one wonder... .

Taylorsville, Kentucky, United States #310152

Shut up. Some of you are so dumb. I only got out of line because I realised I forgot something.


@the original poster: I don't think you're going to get anyone to agree with you on this complaint. You left the line & it was very rude of you to argue with the manager!


You were completely wrong. You should go back and apologize. Store will probably be quite happy if you never return.


Don't get in line until your done shopping.

retail slave

Manager was correct. You got out of line, you leave your place in line. Grow Up.

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