I was at the Electronic department and wanted to purchase a video game. I spoke with one sales associate and she politely referred me to her supervisor.

Her supervisor went to the back behind some swinging doors to retrieve the video game that were in the back. I waited for over 10 minutes. When I looked at the swinging door, I saw the sales associate on her cell phone. When she saw that I saw her, She immediately moved away from the door so I won't see her.

I felt very disrespected. It seemed as if she was waiting for me to get tired of waiting and leave. I left the store and purchased what I was looking for at a smaller store next door.

I purchased a new home in the area and I have spent a lot of money at this store furnishing my place. I would like to continue frequenting this store but service like this will stop me from doing so.

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to Anonymous #1407690

Preach it, guy! .

. . Mr. Arbeit has surrounded himself with plenty of "Beautiful People" up here in the Atlantic City, NJ area who all play dumb about his past and try viciously to silence anyone who even so much as mentions his history.

. . . He and another realtor in his office teamed up with a convicted online predator to stick it to me and my wife in our purchase of a house.

The three of them did plenty of boasting, high-fivin' and laughing about the way they stuck it to us. I hope one day just to get as many yuks about Mr. Arbeit as he and his two pals had about me and my wife. .


. So, again, preach it!


Amen Steven.


Then report her to the supervisor.


So you were being helped by someone else and were upset you saw an employee on the phone while peeking into Wal Marts store room? Since you said sales associate, only a term an employee or former employee would use, you must have a motive.

Also, since you mentioned she was on her cell phone, Wal Mart must have a rule against this that you could only be aware of if you are or were an employee.

Finally, what is your place furnished with? Cheap futons and particle board shelves and tables?


Oh boo hoo hoo. Get over it. If this is all you have to complain about the GET A D@MN LIFE!!!

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