This store in n miami beach fl has possitively got the rudess employees i have ever dealt with .You ask a question they will finished their conversation with their co- worker and then ask you WHAT ? I think every employee should act as if SAM Walton was standing right behind them .

I called the store got a new magr jimmy he said he would check a video of an incident i had brought to his attention and return my call , i've called three times leaving a message with gina the ast magr ...still no return call just left my third message with Co mgr eric....

.When i shop the melbourne fl store its a pleasant enjoyable leisurely shopping expierence here in n miami beach totaly different.

Is it to much to ask for stock clerks to speak english , i mean really

i dread the fact i have to go back to this walmart... it's like the world has come to an end and everyones is scambling for whats left on the shelves ..no kidden i'd ..rather spend more $ at publixs ..like their motto sez where shopping is a pleasure ..

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Does anyone know how to spell anymore?


Shopping at any discount store, no matter the time of day or night, is never a leisurely enjoyable experience. There are two that are quite nice, if you get there early in the morning.

Basically, your complaint is that some of the stock clerks don't speak English. Shame on you!. When you have a question, find one of the employees for the area that you are in.

The stock clerks are apt to work all over the store, not just in one department.

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