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My children's father and I are celebrated. It has been a little over a year since our seperation. This year for Christmas I asked my children not to get Christmas gifts or make Christmas cards for my ex because I wanted him to feel his children were not thinking of him. I just found out that my nine year old daughter made a Christmas card for her father. I tore it up and slapped her for not listening to my orders. I then returned all her Christmas gifts and bought extra for my son with the money left order. I told her she was not getting anything for Christmas because she was a bad girl and does not deserve anything. I was also very angry with her because I overheard her telling her brother she would rather live with her father because mommy is "mean". I felt bad for her this Christmas so I decided to buy her a cheap 67 cent chocolate bar for Christmas while she envied her brother opening several video games, and a bike. That is all she deserves for disobeying me. I went on Christmas Day itself hoping that the store was closed. Not everyone celebrates Christmas so I thought all the Jews would be working for two reasons for two reasons. 1. Jews don't celebrate Christmas. 2. Jews are cheap and love money and what better way to make money than to be charged time and a half for working on a Holiday. To my dismay the store was closed. There were people working inside (I guess getting ready for the new year, but they would not let me go buy my child a simple Chocolate bar. Because of you my daughter got nothing for Christmas. (Her father gave the kids gifts and asked me to give them their gifts, but I threw them out and said their father did not even bother to give them gifts.)

I had two problems at your store. I tried to return the gifts that the father gave, but they only accepted three without a receipt and would not let me return electronics. The second problem was because of you my daugher got nothing for Christmas not even a Chocolate Bar.

My final problem is you are racist. You are not hiring any Jews. If you had hired Jews you would have had the store opened on Christmas. It is very racist of you to not hire someone just because they are Jewish. Sure they will demand more money, but you can be firm with them and tell them it would be predjudice to give them more than others. (though whites should get more since they work harder than blacks and are more knowledgable about products).

At $4 a gallon for gas my trip was a complete waste of time. I am not asking for a gift card. (I am a registered nurse and make 90k a year. I can provide well for my children. Ten time than what most customer make and twice what your managers make. What I am doing is suggesting that for good customer service my daughter (who will turn 10 on January 12th)should be given a $25 gift card and I should be given the remaining money for the gifts you would not let me return which my ex gave for my children.

I would have bought her the Chocolate bar today, but there are two things wrong with that. First of all the principle. My daughter did not get anything for Christmas because you were closed and two. The next day she and her brother are with their father till New Years and I don't get to see them until January 3 the day after my son's 11th birthday.

Thanks for ruining Christmas for my nine year old.

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You are the real life *** Scrooge *** you for not caring for your daughter!!


Hey ***! The only reason your daughter didn't get anything for Christmas is because you are cold hearted, self serving, egotistical person!

You don't deserve your children, and I hope they leave you and go live with their father.


You are one angry person. Bless anyone who tries to be nice to you -- I would not be near you for five minutes.

It is not your children' s problem that you are seperated. You should try and make them happy because you are away from them at times . You truly need councellling - tgar's for sure. The store was closed - give me a break - you know most stores are closed Chrustmas Day.

A chocolate bar ?? What is that ??? For Christmas???

The children should be with their dad if thst is the way you treat them.

She is being kind to her dad - you should be too. To you are an adult -- you should act like one.


Omg! She desrved more han a chocolate bar and you shouldnt of slapped her around the face! So mean!


The reason why your daughter didn't get anything for Christmas is because you were an absolute *** and didn't buy her anything. Also because you returned their father's gifts (which you had no Wright's to do anyway), they aren't being racist.... Maybe the Jewish people don't want jobs at the store because most have business of their own, so sort your head out and get a grip


You are insane!!! You don't even understand what that kind of *** does to a child!

You can blame walmart all you want...but really you are a crazy woman who is upset that she doesn't have anyone to love her. Suck it up and make your life about your children...not yourself or your problems with their father!


I really hate Wal-Mart. But for once I think the Jewish lady who felt it so necessary to.tell us is worse than rude.

In fact words can not explain the self righteous woman who talks about the ex like that and appears to be worse than he.

Anyways your right in one thing Jews are cheap people and this proves it. Poor little girl is going to end up just like this ***.


I do not think this lady is Jewish.


You are a sick woman. Hopefully this was written by a troll, if it wasnt, Walmart is not racist because maybe no Jews applied for a job there. It's your fault your child had a bad christmas, she was only being nice.


I think she doesn't deserve her children and she's a troll. maybe those Jews are happy because they finally get a day off.

and you are RACIST. are you kidding me telling me that whites work harder than blacks?!?!?!?! I am white and I totally disagree because I am a couch potato.

you shouldn't have posted this. ***.


Using your kids to get at your ex is pretty pathetic, yo.

First Born Triplet

Yeah it is pathetic, but this person is trolling, hopefully but you never know. I know of cases where parents have physically hurt their children to get back at their ex.

One mother she did not want her eight year old son to see his father whom she divorced so she for no reason asked him to *** his shirt, then she took a belt and started hitting him, then she went fake crying to the police saying that after a visit from his father she found him all beaten and his backside bruised with belt marks. Her story did not match and they finally found out she hit her child, not because she lost control and because he was misbehaving, but because she wanted her ex to look abusive so she can hurt him by keeping the most important thing from him, his son. Then another mother forced her five year old to say that her father was sexually abusing her, threatening to kick her out of the house and kill her dog and break all her toys if she did not tag along.

She told her that if she has visits with her father she would do all those things, the girl ended up taking the dog to the fathers and found her favourite doll cut up. Her step mother fixed it later on.


lmao youre a *** ***. without your ex you wouldnt have your children, and maybe someone who would actually care about them should get your two children. again, youre beyond a *** ***.


I hope your kids live with their father now! You are a sick sick woman!!!!


This woman should be thrown in prison for doing that to her child all because she wanted to be kind and give her father something so he wasn't forgotten. I hope you have a terrible life and rot at home by yourself for Christmases to come because those kids WILL be out of there.


For real? I sure hope many of the complaints on this site are troll posts. Many are beyond ridiculous.


You ruined Christmas for your kid not Walmart you crazy *** *** I hope the dad gets custody and you have to pay child support and are never aloud to see your kids again. You need a padded room with a straight jacket or to be put out of your misery because you're the most evil and biggest psycho *** lunatic I ever heard.


I hope this is written by a troll otherwise this lady is a lunatic and needs to have her kid taken away. I'm sure there are psychos like this out there but I think this person may be trolling for page hits for ad revenue and if not I hope she drops dead.




religion is the root of all evil