I happen to have went shopping at my local Walmart to do my monthly grocery shopping. The whole shopping trip was uneventful till I

got home. As I proceeded to put my items up on the belt, the customer before me had an issue with a leaking container of laundry

detergent. Then it was my turn to check out. I then payed for my groceries, then headed on my way home. As I was unloading my bags at

home, I noticed a sticky, blue substance on my car's carpet. As I went threw my bags, I had discovered that I had somehow ended up

with the leaking detergent. Now my carpet is ruined because someone didn't do their job with the leaking container.

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It's laundry soap.....add water, rinse, repeat, LOL. It WILL come out!


:cry :cry Maybe you should have seen all this blue soap on the belt if their was so much to ruin your car carpet if you did not see it hows the casher going to see it another person to just complain for fun :cry :cry :cry :cry

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