Westland, Michigan

I am very disappointed with my local Walmart. The managaer Brian sure was a real grinch on Christmas Eve.

The store was supposed to close at 8 P.M. I got there about 7:55 P.M. As I walked toward the front door, Brian stops me and tells me they are closed. I said they closed at 8 not 5 minutes till.

He said, "Sorry ma'am I am not letting anyone else in this store." I said, "Sir this isn't fair as there are other shoppers in the store." I then add that I only need three items. He said, "Sorry ma'am if I let you in, I would have to let everybody in." I argued with him for a couple more minutes till I noticed all the workers leaving the store. It was too late. To add insult to injury, Brian threatened to call the cops on me if I didn't leave immediately.

I could not believe I was treated this way on Christmas Eve. Well I want to tell Walmart thanks for ruining my Christmas. I really needed those items for my Christmas dinner the next day.

It was ruined. I WILL NOT BE BACK!

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you see what happens when you wait until the last minute? you probably would have taken an hour.

you know, I'm sure those employees have lives too.

they try to have the customers out by 8 so they can close on time and everyone can get home to their families. instead of being selfish and lazy, go shopping ahead of time.


24 hour Walmarts close ONE day out of the year starting at 8:00pm Christmas Eve.

Yes the employes would like to spend some time with their families.

I would say plan a little better for next year for your meal. You had ALL day to get to the store.....

no matter where you want to shop. Be a little thoughful to the people that are STILL working and trying to shut things down and close the store so they can get home and enjoy their holiday also.


christmas is the same day every year. don't blame walmart for your poor planning skills.


Three cheers for Brian! Hip hip Hooray! Hip hip Hooray!! Hip hip Hooray!!!

Were there not enough places that offer food in Westland for you to be prepared more than five minutes before they closed? I don't know, places like Meijer, Target, Kroger, and Hartland Market come to mind.

P.S. That store is in Canton, not Westland.


these people wanted to be with their familys on Xmas to I thinks its great they closed it down like that on you


AllWal AMrt employees wanted to get home early. Your stupidity to wait so long was not his problem.

It was yours. You probably could have gone top a convenience store and gotten what you needed.

No one feels sorry for you at all. It was foolish of you to complain!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Have you heard of planing ahead ? Good for him for putting people of your mentality in their place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny Mann

*** him to *** for wanting to get home to his family. These people put up with enough *** during the work day.

You're mad because you were late not every clock is the same maybe his it was after 8 and he wanted to let you know.

The world has many people besides you. Suck it up.