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Went there for my first time and was almost done shopping when I saw a big sign that said "Chips Ahoy Cookies - Was $2.56 Now $1.98" with a large arrow pointing to it on the shelf. I like those cookies and thought why not so I put one in my cart since it was on sale (would not have bought it at the regular price).

I was in a hurry and assumed this would scan at the sale price, bit when I later looked at my receipt I found that it rang up at the $2.56 price. I then called the store and spoke to the manager who scanned several of these and found that they all rang up at the non-sale price of $2.56. I simply asked for a refund to my credit card and thought that would be the end of it. Instead, I was told that this cannot be done unless I am there in person.

I stated that I do not live in the area, have a long trip to get there, and is there any other way I can get the refund? At this point it wasn't so much the principal, but the principle of the situation. I was just cheated, this was confirmed, and Walmart was not giving me back my money! I then called 1-800-WALMART (the corporate office) and was told by recording (very impersonal) that all lines are busy and to call back later.

Yeah, probably from others who were cheated and complaining. I tried three times and got the machine each time. Finally, I called WMETHIC and made an Ethics complaint. They gave me a reference number and told me to call back in about a week.

I will do that and if this is not resolved I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and others as needed. I TRUSTED Walmart and they cheated me. I am a longtime, frequent customer and now I might not shop there again. Let's see how they un-cheat a good customer.

I checked the rest of my receipt and it seemed to be correct. It makes me wonder how many other times I was cheated and didn't notice, and how many other customers have been and still are being cheated and don't notice. Seems to be a trend these days - and I, for one, now hold every company accountable. I recently received an apology letter from one such company investigating its own practices.

If you feel cheated, I urge you to contact the company and if you don't like how they handle it go to an independent outside third party agency like the government and file a complaint for all to view. This is Walmart's own Ethics department - and their goal is to protect Walmart, not the customer. I will give them one chance. As it is, I'm complaining on Pissed Consumer to alert and warn others.

Be warned about Walmart.

I think they are not doing well to have to resort to this trickery. I also thought they were above this low level of customer service, but guess not!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chips Ahoy Cookies.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Walmart Cons: Returns policy after 25 percent overcharge verified by manager.

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All this over cookies? Hope things get better for you


So they should start keeping your entire cc number on file? Oh ok come by something from me then lol


What were you doing as your purchases were being scanned? Pay attention when the cashier is scanning your purchases and you can catch errors as they happen. You could have quickly solved the problem on the spot rather than wasting a lot of time over 58 cents.


You can not get a credit on your credit card over the phone anywhere! The card must be scanned at pos. Get over it, you must have no life, mistakes happen.