Shepherdsville, Kentucky

I went to the walmart by our home to look for a rectangle pool they had one in stock for $699. We came back 2 days later with the truck to purchase it It was gone when I ask the sales guy when he would be getting another one he said we are not getting any more because that one was sent to us by mistake.

I went online to see if they had the same pool and they do but it is $899 plus another $130 to ship it to you. I called customer service and she said I would need to talk to online customer service. I called them and she had she would ask her manager if I could purchase it for what was in the store. Then she came back and said no mamam there is nothing we can do.

If I want it I have to pay the price online. Had I known that the one I was looking at in the store was the only one at that price I would have purchased it that day.

They should have noted that on the item. Very disappointed....

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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:p you do realize what youve just said? your mad that you couldnt get a pool from walmart in store? hahahahahahahaha dumb ***


Your complaint is nothing short of ridiculous.

The item was probably marked down in the store because it was sent there by mistake and they just wanted to get rid of it. That isn't a promise to you that they will always have that pool in stock and for that price.

Jesus,you are dumb.