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I can not believe a company that prides it's self on "MADE IN AMERICA", has instructed their employees not to say "Merry Christmas". My fiance' went to the local Wal-Mart here in Colorado Springs, when he finished his shoping he told the associate "Merry Christmas", my fiance' said that the associate was told that they are "no longer allowed to say that, because it offends, some of the customers." I have shopped at Wal-Mart so many years, worked there part-time during the holidays and even had the pleasure of meeting Sam Walton in person.

I feel this is a horrible disgrace to his legacy. What are the "Christmas Sales" about? to celebrate a man in a red suit or a snow man? I will never ever shop at another Wal-Mart again!

What in the name of Jesus, yes, I said his holy name!

Are you celebrating! Dollar opportunities or the "True, reason for the season."

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Are you freaking serious!?!? I don't know what church you attend or Bible you read, but you are clearly no pastor (and if you are I hope your entire congrigation reads this) or man of Christ!

1) yes, Jesus is the reason and it is total BS that people are offended that I say Merry CHRISTmas and hate when people put "x-mas", but everyone has the right to their own beliefs and I would not look down on someone if they replied "Happy Kwanza" in return.

2)"I blame the Jews for this. They don't celebrate Christmas and they are the ones being offended. Honestly Hitler should have wiped them out during the Holocaust in my opinion. Than people would be free to say Merry Christmas." WHAT!!! are you out of your mind???? Not only is this by far the most racist thing I've ever heard (sad bc you claim to be a pastor and are upset as a man of Christ, who accepted ALL), but then to think that JESUS WAS A JEW!

He was cruisified and rose for us and you are going to condemn such hatred upon His people (ALL people are His - regardless of race, religion, sex, political view, sexual orientation...)! Shame on you! I hope your post is banned and you think twice before EVER entering the public community again.

And if you are a pastor, please, notify me of your church information. I'll be happy to spread a welcoming message to all of your believers.


PastorBGDaniel I think you need to change your name because if you are a pastor I would hate to go to your church if you ask me you are a ignorant person to say something so horrible like that, Nobody deserves to be wiped out they have their beliefs and we have ours let them be besides its called a Saying as "Happy Holidays" that can be said.

to Wow #1082355

Some of the most hypocritical people/pastors are the most judgemental I have ever met. Yet, the most non judgemental are the ones that do not go to some dumb church every sunday.

Sinister Ministers all of em. They only want your money, and WHO says YOU have to go to some dumb building every single Sunday.


Wait...Wal-Mart prides themselves on "made in America"? Since when?

If you're so insecure you need store employees to say "Merry Christmas" to you to make you feel all jolly, you have more problems than just shopping.

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