Ypsilanti, Michigan

This Walmart is the absolute WORST when it comes to keeping their shelves stocked. Come on people!

This is not rocket science! When somebody buys something, you order another one. Your stores are all computerized and you claim that you get deliveries every night, so there is really no excuse for running out of stuff. Yet this store's shelves are always empty, not just groceries but hard lines too.

They are always out of basic stuff and I end up having to go to Kroger to get the things they were out of. So guess what? I no longer buy groceries there.

I just drive the extra mile to Kroger and it saves me a trip every week. Idiots!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Claim.

Reason of review: incompetence.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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So you're getting all bent out of shape and never shopping at Walmart again just because they ran out of some items? Wow.

Just...wow. Every store runs out of an item sometimes, so quit whining and get over it.

@Quit Whining

I agree with you, I bet their parents are also furious at Walmart for running out of condoms seven years ago. Or furious at themselves for not buying them. Either way you cannot blame them, they had no idea the OP would turn out this way.


The OP is obviously no more than 5 years old, if he is calling Walmart employees idiots.


The op is an ***. You try to make it sound so simple but the employees cannot stock an item that is not at the store.

If the warehouse is out, it doesn't matter if you order an item 50 times a day, they can't receive an item that is out of stock at the warehouse. It really isn't hard to understand that...for most people.

Go on and shop at Kroger's so you can explain to them how to run a store. Something of which you obviously don't have enough common sense to know anything about.


Kevin Richards, why are you calling every OP a 7 year old when you are obviously childish and immature yourself?


I am not childish and immature, calling people idiots and throwing a temper tantrum because an item is not magically in stock is what is childish and immature. Telling the truth is not childish and immature, not accepting the truth as you did is childish and immature.

Things go out of stock, sometimes as another poster said they are not on the truck, or they were not ordered according to predicted sales. Throwing a temper tantrum and name calling for something that is probably not the store's fault is childish and immature so one can assume that this person is seven years old.


Most likely he is calling the posters childish and immature is because they complain about petty things. Like how the store won't accept a return after number of days are passed, or about how a store would not accept their expired coupon, or honor a sale that ended the day before.

If you notice most of the complaints in retail or fast food are about how the service is "terrible" and how the employees were "rude" just because rules were not changed just for them. Nothing immature and childish for Kevin calling people out on their immature behavior. Seriously if a store is out of a product because many people buy it and they cannot get it for another two or three weeks is no need to be calling employees names. It would like calling the OP names for something that is out of her control.

I don't think this was written by a seven year old, just a very ignorant arrogant adult who always expects things the way she or he wants them. To expect things to be perfect. To be treated like they are king or queen. To have everything handed to them.

If you don't see this person acting immature then you need to re look at your priorities. ssnipnb


I notice that this poster is immature, however Kevin Richards calls everyone(insert number below 13) years old. Keep in mind that as others have said the store can order more of an item, however it may not be in the next shipment, sometimes as Kevin said that the supplies run out not only in store level but in warehouse level or are not being manufactured enough to keep up with the demand.

For example say last year at about this time the company sold 50 kg of meat a day, then they are going to order based on last year sales and weekly sales and predict how much they need. Throwing temper tantrum and calling people idiots for things that is not in their control is not going to help.

Normally I disagree with Kevin calling the posters children, however this person is acting immature and childish. The sad thing is if she is old enough to drive she passed kindergarten and should not be behaving this way.


not all wmarts are equal. priority is given to those in high income neighbors.


This is not rocket science either, if the warehouse is out of the item they cannot ship the items to the store. If you cannot figure this simple concept out then my guess is that you are seven years old?

Yeah you ended your review calling them idiots, I am correct you are seven years old. But even at seven you should know that childish name calling is unacceptable. You need to learn how things work. You cannot wave a magic wand and have items magically appear.

If the warehouse is out, the warehouse is out. If you are over the age of seven perhaps you are the "id!ot for not understanding this? Sometimes it is not the warehouse even but not enough of the product is being made and it is the manufacture.

So before throwing a temper tantrum and calling anyone idiots why not ask mommy or daddy why the items are not in the store. They can explain simple things to you like supply and demand, and warehouse stock, and manufacturing.


You seem to think you know an awful lot about the way things are ordered for stores. I was told several years ago that corporate determines what and when it is needed.

Just because an item might be ordered ontime, doesn't mean that it will be on the next truck. All stores run out of items occasionally.


I agree, it is not rocket science to figure out that all items run out of items occasionally. You can tell the poster is a seven year old child by the childish name calling at the end of the review and the temper tantrum she threw because her items were not in stock.