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I stumbled across this post as a result of trying to clean up a mess EXACTLY like this. Walmart/ Fraudulent Check against my account for $440 (plus the $50 returned check fee).

What a freaking mess. I have invested no less than 40 hours of my time cleaning it up, and don't get me started with the monetary loss of trashing 3 boxes of unused checks, gas to bank and police station for copies of reports, mailing every one copies of everything by certified mail so it can be traced, sleep, etc. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. I believe my account was breached using a check stolen from a bill I mailed with an enclosed check.

Actually, I am still in possession of the unwritten check in my ledger because the low-life that used it changed the check number after he scrubbed the original information. It was processed as a POINT OF PURCHASE transaction and handed BACK to the thief!

The Walmart camera showed the thief's HAND as the only means of identification. Aug 7th, 2015

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Check Cashing.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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How is a theif a Walmarts fault?


A Walmart employee used my credit card info to buy stuff in store then used a rusty saw blade to circumcise himself on youtube. now they blame me for it!!