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So I purchased s tv online for same day pickup at a local store.. The reason I did this instead of just buying it in the store is because I applied for the walmart discover card online not knowing that I wasn't able to go to the store and purchase anything without having the physical card..

I have applied for a CC at bestbuy and went the same day and purchased something in-store using my drivers license while waiting for the CC to be mailed to me.. Either way, I bought the TV at 8am.. Received a email saying it will be ready at 12pm that day.. a hour later i get a email saying it's being verified and will be ready in the next 48hrs..

WHAT!?!?! I called customer service and was told since it's a big ticket item that it needs to go through additional verification steps.. This is normal for them to do.. WELL, IF THIS IS NORMAL WHY THE HECK DO THEY OFFER SAME DAY PICKUP ON THESE ITEMS?!

I mean i used a walmart issued CC to purchase it and I already called the store to make sure the TV is there (I called a hour after making the purchase online and a employee verified that they have 4 of the TV's in stock) so what is being verified? the money is already taken out of my account and the TV is at the store... This has been the worst experience ever..

I have cancelled my $1000.00 TV purchase and heading up to bestbuy to get one in a little bit... Wal-mart just lost a customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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I bought a stroller from Walmart with the same day pick up option. The order said it would take approximately 4 hrs before it would be ready.

I purchased it this way as the online price is cheaper by $60 than buying the same item in store. After 4 hrs I called the store to determine if my order was ready and was told that they don't do same day pick up. I advised the woman that their website says otherwise and this is the option I selected and is showing on my email. She stated that they had not received my order in store yet and it generally takes 24 to 48 hrs for them to receive the order and suggested I call Walmart online and cancel.

I called Walmart online to find out why the store has not gotten the order and after sitting on hold so they could call the store I just hung up with, they told me that there is nothing to be done but cancel the order or wait until whenever they submit the order to the store. Same day pickup at Walmart is a complete joke don't waste your time if you need it quickly