I submitted my card numbers for exchange on 1/9/15. Nothing since, e-mails are vague about system problems.

Made me register a credit card to "avoid fraud". Cardcash.com now shows my order as cancelled. and suddenly, there are $800 in charges at Hong Kong Disneyland, etc. I have shut down my credit card and reported the fraud.

The thing is, I went through a legitimate news article (sorry, can't remember which). It gave me the link to Walmart to enter the card numbers. I scrolled back over all the URL addresses, they look legit, but obviously,they are not or something in the background may be hi-jacking you to a fake site.

Sorry, I am not providing a copy of my credit card statement just to show you what happened. Use this service at your own risk!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That is YOUR fault not Walmart. Never follow links and give out personal info. Common sense should tell you that.You are too gullible and that is what the scammers prey on.Sorry this happened to you but you can't blame this one on Walmart.


You should never follow links like that and enter in your personal information, as it is a common method for people to scam others.


Why would you do that?

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