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cookies where great but they where all smashed and my wifes butter almond cookies where all smashed and crushed up if i bye a product as a long term customer i expect my moneys worth so how r you going to rectify this problem i shop here twice a week when work hard for my money and 35% of it goes to your store and the service at that store is terrible as *** today my had a six pack of tomato juice and it exploded on her new white jacket they just looked at us we had to ask to get cleaned and we should got better service and every time i find a good product you guys take away i only find once pissed me off

Monetary Loss: $8.

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Sewickley, Pennsylvania, United States #1232461

This is the funniest *** i've ever read in my life


First of all, cookies break, the world is an imperfect place. As an adult, broken cookies shouldn't upset you that much.

Second, tomato juice doesn't just explode. I think there's more to this. Did your wife drop it? Drop something on it?

Spill it while drinking it?

It didn't just. Spontaneously combust.

to Anonymous #854458

Actually she made a hole in the can and stuck a stick of TNT in it, but that is another story.

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