Little Rock, Arkansas
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Walked into bowman Walmart pharmacy to pick up prescriptions. They did not have one of the meds and was going to call DR.

For substitute my script sat for 25 mins at drop off window then pharmacist did not call DR. I was told she has been on the phone since 9am I then sat for another 44 mins sometimes I was the only customer there but still nothing then 20 min in was told they were working on mine but still took another 20 min to fill still only one there this is very poor service with 5 employees working this dept I won't be back here again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Pharmacist.

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why would you ever go to WALMART for your prescription medications. They can't even turn over the out dated products in grocery I would never trust them WITH MY HEALTH!!

they do way to many things to actually do any one of them WELL!!

about the only thing they do well is make BILLIONS from you. they took your time and gave you a headache did you learn your lesson??