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Update by user Feb 19, 2015

My receipt was finally processed after 5 days, which was supposed to be 3 at the latest according to their website. I was unhappy with the results because it should have caught far more than it did!

What was amazing was that the system price matched some of the exact same items that it did not match. For instance, my local Publix store advertised Atkins frozen dinners as a BOGO. I bought a large amount of them, and the Savings Catcher credited only a portion of them, even though the others (which it did not credit) appeared in the "not matched" section. These were the same size, price, and pictured items in the Publix flyer!

So, I contacted the company once again, and the representative agreed.

I was told that it was being sent to a "second tier" section of the company who would correct the problem. I will update here with my results so that you will have a better picture of what you could experience and the results you might expect with the Savings Catcher program.

Original review posted by user Feb 18, 2015

I purchased products from Walmart that I had price matched to match the weekly Publix ad. The Savings Catcher website states that it would take 72 hours or less to process my receipt.

It has been longer than 72 hours, so, I called the company and was told that there was nothing that they could do because it is still processing. I am very upset because I purchased a large amount of groceries depending on the Savings Catcher program to live up to its promises. I am aware of the changes in the program pertaining to no longer price matching drug stores and various items, but, none of my items fall into that category. The website states that it could take longer in certain circumstances, however, none of those circumstances applies to my situation.

I uploaded a valid receipt, I did not return any of the items, and it was uploaded the same day I made the purchase. I find it incredibly bothersome that there is no one who can tell me what the problem is, nor, how long I will have to wait for it to process. I believe that a large company like Walmart should not advertise a program with promises that they either cannot or will not keep.

I normally would have went to Publix to purchase the items, but, I really thought that the Savings Catcher program would honor their terms. I will update here with any new information that I receive from the company.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $190.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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You are just making a big stink out of nothing. Omg!

Get a hobby! Go shop at publix if you think its so much cheaper.

Give the walmart people who answer the phones a much needed break from your continuous whining. Its childish.


It isn't real smart to buy extra groceries and whatever just for something like the Savings Catcher. It must be nice to be able to afford to buy extra stuff for something as ridiculous as the Savings Catcher.


In response to your post:

It actually is very smart to buy extra groceries for something like the Savings Catcher (if the program worked as promised). I tested it a couple of other times first before making a larger purchase.

Because it worked fine for the first two times, I proceeded again. Also, I do not just buy extra stuff for any program unless it would end in me getting it at a significant discount, if you knew me personally and could view my shopping trip receipts, you would not even suggest that I am not a smart grocery shopper! Sometimes, no matter how savvy a shopper you are, there will be unhappy outcomes, even if you test the system first. That said, the Savings Catcher did manage to catch some of my purchases - just not all of them.

Therefore, I have contacted the company and they said they will adjust my purchases. I will update here with my final experiences with the program once they adjust my account.

Also, I am here solely to give a review of my experiences with the Savings Catcher program in order to let others know what they may expect, not to defend whether or not you agree with my shopping habits.


Actually, I am expecting a big windfall because I price matched the items I bought from my local Publix ad, so, I know how much should be returned. I am aware it is not the lottery, but, that is not the point!

The point is, I adhered to the Savings Catcher policies and trusted them to keep their word. BTW, I have been patient, but, it is very frustrating to waste my time and money in this manner. My main problem is there is NO ONE who has any information as to what the problem is!

I would strongly suggest to others to proceed with caution using this program because I have read elsewhere of other problems people are having. To be fair, I will update here if the problem is resolved.


Be patient. Are you really expecting a big windfall.

Lol. Its savings catcher, not the lottery.