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As a former Walmart cashier, I have seen some customers save a lot with the Savings Catcher, and some customers save little with it. It really depends on what sorts of items you buy the most often. I really suggest you check out Walmart's FAQ on the Savings Catcher, especially the "Matching" section that says what is matched and what isn't.

Some customers redeemed their savings every time they saved a couple bucks. Some let the savings rack up to use in very inventive ways, such as an emergency fund for groceries if money gets tight, or to use later in the year on Christmas gifts.

There was one couple that let their savings accumulate and were able to buy their child a $100+ bicycle just with their savings for his birthday.

I'm not a Walmart fan girl or anything. I just think Walmart gets a lot of flack on its own, without misunderstandings about how something like the Savings Catcher really works.

Walmart Pros: Overall a good place to work, Good place to shop, Ad matching.

Walmart Cons: Self check is too impersonal and unreliable.

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I was also a victim. The third party " tasharina also burned me.

Fake *** emails from a robot """ I better get my money back " I got burned. BIGTYM. This tasharina company is a fraud. They shud go to prison.

I am so pisssseeeedddd OFFF. I a m not lying Walmart a dime!!!!!


I use the app and love it. Sometimes only get cents back because many of my purchases are Great Value and cannot be matched.

But there is no obligation for Walmart to provide this FREE service, let alone refund any costs. I am happy with everything that comes back, it's not a lot yet, but still money that I considered spent.

It's free money people! Shut up and take it or don't use the app and don't have it at all.