Saint Paul, Minnesota
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Walmart Savings Catcher (SC) transfers money from my account to eGift Cards without my authorization (verbal or written) and a SC supervisor stated that SC was not to blame - he BLAMED American Express for the FRAUD.

I ONLY purchase groceries that are shown on sale in local competitors weekly ads. SC typically catches less than 60%. I then submit online via SC web form and rarely hear back. If/when I do, they rarely agree. Then I attach images of competitors ad(s) and wait weeks and they still fail to credit my account.

I have talked to the same SC supervisor, Miss Stacy, multiple times and she has continuously failed to facilitate solutions that credit my SC account.

I have spend over 150 hours trying to recover $$$ associated with approximately 20 items that appear in competitors ads during the same week I purchased groceries from Walmart. Sadly, the SC program still has my money and continuously BLAMES others for the problem - or consistently FAILS to be accountable for its' actions or lack of action.

I have also contacted Wal-Mart Stores Inc. at 479-273-4000 (where you can press 0 (zero) for an operator). The always transfer me to Priority Assistance and when I ask to file a complaint against SC, they always try to transfer the call to SC. That's like being in a grade school playground fight with some cretin named "Duke Holley McMillon" whom defecated on your tennis shoes and then wiped *** (human ***) on your face - then you go to the school principal to complain and the principal send you back to the cretin "Duke Holley McMillon."

Savings Catcher is a TOTAL SCAM. The program agreement requires arbitration, but that's merely a road block. It is time for a CLASS ACTION law suit against Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and its FRAUDULENT Savings Catcher program.

Whose with me?

SCAMMED in Minnesota by Walmart Savings Catcher.

Reason of review: Walmart is STEALING my MONEY.

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I can not use my rewards. I have called and sent countless messages and the only reply is a computer generated message which does not address my problem.

None of the associates are able to remedy my issue. Several cashiers have told me this is a common occurrence.

If there is a class action suit being considered, please PM me. Thank you.


I agree with scammed, the whole program is very sloppy. I rarely ever get my price match money back.

Then when I do it dissapears out of my account. Shame on you Walmart!


They also do not refund taxes back on the saving catchers. There are only a handful of states that require them to refund taxes back with this app.

I am in one of those states and they said they need my tc number to investigate it. Yesterday I could access all this info on my account and today all of my e receipts have been erased.


Did you ever set the account up to tell it how to transfer your money? The website plainly stated last September when the program started that if you did NOT specify a transfer location (by December 31st 2014) or choice it would automatically issue you egift cards. You have to change it in your account on


Same problems Jeremy friend. Except I requested e card and never received an email with the credit nor did I receive any promised resolution to the problem.


Your complaint is a joke right? Do you know how utterly ridiculous you sound???

How is Walmart stealing your money? Are they forcing you to purchase from them? You do realize that not everything is eligible for the sc discount don't you? Walmart doesn't owe you anything.

If you don't like the savings catcher app then simply don't use it.

You sound like someone who believes they should be getting hundreds in savings and if you don't, you scream fraud. You making a big stink over nothing and making a fool out of yourself in the meantime.A class action suit because you had 20 items that you didn't get your 5 cent difference on...too funny!


Actually its most likely NOT a five cent difference. And the complaint here is that the savings catcher program advertised by Walmart states that it will refund the difference in price of an item advertised locally by a competitor.

I know myself from using the program that it is VERY flawed. And the responses you get back by email on why something didn't match are so far off its Borderline comical! They might as well write "due to the blue sky and the green grass your item is not eligible.

. ."