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I had scanned several receipts into my phone - about $40.00 in savings.When I went to log in to cash them out, it said I had no such receipts available to me.

I talked to some other people who said they experienced the same thing. I just scanned in a new receipt and checked a couple of days later - that one is not there either. Obviously, there are some flaws in their program or it was purposely designed this way. I wrote the company about it several days ago and have yet to hear back....Not a big deal because I don't take the time to "coupon shop" but $40.00 bucks is $40.00 bucks.

I must agree with the other shoppers seems to be a scam.

If you do have receipts that you can see, cash them out now!!!!Don't accumulate them like I did or they will be gone.....

This reviewer shared experience about "savings catcher" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $40. The author is overall dissatisfied with Walmart. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I had over 80 in my saving catcher that I've been accumulated over the past 2 years.Now it says I have no receipts and no money accumulated.

When I upload that code and pin from my gift card that I have in my email from them on the website it says it's invalid.

I also emailed their costumer support weeks ago and never got a reply.Highly disappointed.


I have used mine in the past. We always save up for Christmas, but a month or so ago about $60 disappeared. ‍️


I too had lost out on accumulated reward dollars on the saving catcher.I only built up to nearly $10, but that was $'s I earned back and lost it all!

Really upset cuz I'm a regular Walmart shopper and to lose this really made me look at the company differently.

Want my $9+ dollars back!Screwed


they send it to the egift card when u claim it after the first time so they wont save the balance to their app anymore you have to check the egift card for the balance


Same with me!I had $50+ odd dollars and now I am down to 2.48.

Was going to get a few groceries for the holidays with that! I made sure to cash out the new balance right after I checked to see what I had accumulated.

I am so mad!I wrote but sounds like I wont hear a thing back!


Same here! They transferred my bucks to an e card without asking and now that card is gone.


I had $65 in savings catcher and they lost mine too. I called and they are investigating it. Which means more than likely I won't see it.


This same thing happened to me but I lost $246.xx!!Reading through these comments I looked for an email in my Spam and Trash but didn't find one so I tried the option to resend the gift card and it worked!

I now have a WalMart eGift Card with $246.72 on it...and the last time I cashed out I used the Bluebird card.

Must have been some glitch in the system to cash out all these accounts.

Totally not a scam.Since I started using the Savings Catcher I have cashed out over $400!


Here is how to get your ecard resent to you.

Go to savingscatcher.walmart.com

Login in to your account

On the top right has My Reward Card click that.Below will be resend my eGift card.

Click that.

It will resend your eGift card with a gift card number and a pin.

I was able to get my money back.I hope this helps.

to Teresa #1393416

How were you able to contact them? I click on contact us and it brings up the same page

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