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I had scanned several receipts into my phone - about $40.00 in savings.When I went to log in to cash them out, it said I had no such receipts available to me.

I talked to some other people who said they experienced the same thing. I just scanned in a new receipt and checked a couple of days later - that one is not there either. Obviously, there are some flaws in their program or it was purposely designed this way. I wrote the company about it several days ago and have yet to hear back....Not a big deal because I don't take the time to "coupon shop" but $40.00 bucks is $40.00 bucks.

I must agree with the other shoppers seems to be a scam.

If you do have receipts that you can see, cash them out now!!!!Don't accumulate them like I did or they will be gone.....

This reviewer shared experience about "savings catcher" and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $40. The author is overall dissatisfied with Walmart. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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im so mad i just checked mine also, i had over 21 in there and i check to see if it went to my egift card..There is NOTHING there either way!

I was gonna use that for diapers..

Im calling tomorrow...thats BS

to HH #1435305

This exact same thing happened to me. My son is otw and i had planned to use all the money on diapers abd wipes. So mad now!!!


They have a new system. Mine was gone to but I had changed my email address and they just needed to remove a block. All I did was give them a call in boom ice savings catcher balance was back 866-224-1663.


My savings catcher dollars are gone too. Not cool WM!


Same experience.My app had one email address and Wal Mart Savings Catcher had another that I rarely use.

Account was locked.

Rep unlocked and associated account with app address.Value returned to an e-Gift card visible in Wal Mart Pay and Payment Methods.


I had the same experience with that retailer as well.The savings catcher dollars that I were lost with the rkids cent change.

I made three phone calls to the customer service number, all receiving promises of a return call and for all of that, nothing was done.

The Walmart savings catcher program is a rip off plain and simple.They promise something and they don’t deliver.


When I logged in to saving catcher, mine were gone too, After reading this, I went to my account, payment methods, and the money is there, in form of gift card.

to Anonymous #1429583

Thank you! That's where I found mine.


This is the second time I have lost $$$ that I accumulated.


Need to read. And receipts must be scan within the same week of the sale you are matching. Duh

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