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I had scanned several receipts into my phone - about $40.00 in savings. When I went to log in to cash them out, it said I had no such receipts available to me.

I talked to some other people who said they experienced the same thing. I just scanned in a new receipt and checked a couple of days later - that one is not there either. Obviously, there are some flaws in their program or it was purposely designed this way. I wrote the company about it several days ago and have yet to hear back....Not a big deal because I don't take the time to "coupon shop" but $40.00 bucks is $40.00 bucks.

I must agree with the other shoppers seems to be a scam.

If you do have receipts that you can see, cash them out now!!!! Don't accumulate them like I did or they will be gone.....

Reason of review: Savings Catcher.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I agree with you. For 40 Dollar you could get a foot massage at the Royal Economy Massage Parlor.


I think they changed the way it works so they don’t have to pay. Now if you don’t have smart phone you can’t use it. I tried to enter on phone and it would not take it now it’s nothing but a big scam


I had over $60 with the old savings catcher. Now it is gone.


Hi All. I contacted customer service today and was given the Savings Catcher Departments telephone number.

All I had to do was log out of my account and log back in and I can see my money. The number is 866-224-1663.


I’ve lost over $100. I also think it’s a scam.

Just lost $20 today!! And it’s not in Walmart Pay.


My saving also disappeared almost $1oo worth. When I went to Walmart to use them they (and my phone)said I needed a password.

I used the password I use for everything and it said it wasn't the right password. So when I got home I hit the forgot password and you said you would Email me a new password. D.id this 3 times and never got a new password although you said it was sent. now I can't even scan my receipt without a password and my savings is all gone.

I scanned faithfully for months to get the savings and one of the biggest companies in the world took it away!!!! WTF cherylahultine@gmail.com


Here is the Savings Catcher departments number 866-224-1663. I got my money back.

It was a matter of logging out and logging back in. Hope this is helpful!


Every time I scan my receipt I get an email whether their were cheaper prices found or not . If there has.

Wen it tells me how much. The past 2 months the rewards show up nowhere nw. It says to view savings to click.

When I do it takes me to their ad!!!! Total scam now!!!


Where is my money it disappeared from my phone


Walmart has to watch every nickel


My mother in law just had $98 and some change just up and get gone .....first time out of many its happened she gets alot back ....dnt know i think its messed up ....hope mine don't get gone


My Walmart app completely disappeared from my phone, and I had $17 saved up! I too am pissed, we work so hard to save pennies, and then they take it away from us?!?!


Mine are gone too...


I had about $30 a few days ago. and today I went in to use them and it said I only had about $21...

I haven't even used it at all!

Am I missing something??? If I dont use it do I lose it??


My rewards dollars also disappeared when the me app started,


This just happened to me when they changed their website. Two years of money and receipts gone.

Walmart wont respond back to me. Happened May 2018


This also happened to me! I had over $60.00 saved up when I checked earlier in May, 2018.

I checked this week after submitting a receipt, (the end of May), and my balance is $13.31!!!

Called and the service lady said she would report it and they would get back to me. I’ll start shopping elsewhere!


Mine disappeared too, never received refund. I feel Walmart knows there is a problem but isn't going to fix it.

They assured me I would receive my money back into account but never did.

Now I use it immediately even if it's a dollar. Will never accumulate a balance again.


I had almost 80 dollars on my savings catcher account. I checked balance one day and rechecked it two days later and I had 12 dollars.

I called the saving catcher number and they assured me they would check into it and give me my money back.

Mine is set up through Walmart pay, I immediately removed my credit card info from there. I felled ive been scammed and Walmart isn't going to back up there site


I just discovered my sixty dollars disappeared no email nothing it said life time was 60.40 but available balance was zero