301 South State Road 7, Hollywood, FL 33023, USA
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two gift cards were purchased from my account from Hollywood fl. store #3163 one for 10.28 and one for 20.00 dollars I have never been to this store or have I used my rewards and I would like my rewards returned to my account please .

this savings catchers app. is suppose to be secure if hackers can take this account what to stop them from taking credit card accounts I am very unsatisfied .

I have researched where it came from you need to find out who is the hacker I will not be shopping at your store until this matter is resolved. please email me when you have answers

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $30.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Wal-Mart has both "Savings catchers" and "Shoplift-Catchers". i miss the friendly elderly people that Wal-Mart used to hire the stand at the front doors and say "Hello" to everybody.

They also sereved as a powerful deterrent to Shop-Lifters because they also would keep an eye on people leaving the store. Then, for some strange reason, that used to have people at the door that would ask to see yo7ur receipt as you were leaving with $300 worth of groceries that you had just bought. They would carefully look through your cart and compare it to your receipt to make sure that you weren't trying to steal something. I thought that that was incredibly rude and I am glad that they have stopped doing it(knock on wood) So now, they want everyone to check out their own groceries when they shop at Wal-mart so that they can save the cost of having to pay all of the employees that would ordinarily do that job.

i say that Wal-mart should replace all of the self checkout lanes with registers and hire a bunch of poor unemployed people to check everybody out. Why not Wal-Mart, what have you got to lose?

You certainly make boatloads of money everyday, so I know that you could afford to pay for these employees. Just like in the good old days, getting to be checked out at the grocery sto by a real life friendly human being.


You get what you deserve at Wal-Mart.