Jeffersonville, Indiana

I have an "issue" with Walmart's Savings Catcher program vs. its "price match" program -- has anyone else ever confused the two, assuming that Walmart guarantees its prices are lowest, when that is not what the mantra of its Savings Catcher program?

I used SavingsCatcher on 8/8/15 after purchasing Skinny Pop Popcorn @ Walmart for $2.83, since I could not get to Kroger, where it has been selling for $2.50 for about a month, which I learned from Patrick, a Kroger employee this past weekend. I received the following email message a few days ago: Well done, Smart Shopper!

We compared your receipt # to competitors in your area and didn't find any deals that beat Walmart's every day low prices.

You saved by shopping at Walmart.

However, on 8/11/15), when I was able to get to Kroger, Skinny Pop Popcorn was still selling for $2.50 a bag, so SavingsCatcher did not save me any money because it is not reflecting sales prices elsewhere.

Today (8/18/15), I went to Walmart, and Skinny Pop Popcorn is still selling for $2.83 a bag, whereas at Kroger, it is still $2.50 a bag and, according to Kroger employee Patrick (when I went to Kroger to buy Skinny Pop this past weekend) ,will remain at that price until 9/8/15. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission because of Walmart's confusing policy regarding Savings Catcher. The person in charge of BBB investigations in Walmart's territory explained that Walmart goes only by printed ads, not by the actual price of items in the store -- for the latter, I should have used their "price match" policy, whereby I would go to Customer Service and ask Walmart to price match with Kroger's price for the same item -- that's assuming that the buyer is more up on nearby competitors' prices than Walmart, who is in business to compete by offering the lowest prices. I feel that Walmart owes me the difference in price between Kroger's selling price and Walmart's selling price for Skinny Pop popcorn. But in the future, I'll know to ask for a price match, rather than just trusting Walmart to offer to refund the difference on their Savings Catcher program -- that is, if I decide to do any future shopping @ Walmart.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I wish people would do research before they ignorantly complain. Your complaint is invalid.

Savings catcher is based on Advetised Specials not everyday prices. Walmart is doing the Addmatching for you. That is the other issue. It is Advertised Price Matching not just Price Matching.

People like you utter nonsense that creates disinformation. ***


complaining cuz u didn't say 33 cents???? ***!!!!!


Saving catcher and price matching is pretty much the same thing. Seems like almost everyone takes advantage of price matching.

And yes they both go based on the weekly ads not what's on their shelf. Price matching is a HUGE thing people do not understand. Especially when they bring the dillions ad and want to price match some of their stuff. If it says with card we do not honor it.

Why are you even giving people a hard time over.

33 cents? Just continue to shop at Kroger if you don't like what Wal-Mart is doing


Just go to Kroger! Geez, all that trouble and hassle for a $.33 cent difference. You wasted more time than that complaining.